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Letter Z

Zinc Chloride Battery

Zinc chloride batteries are an updated version of zinc-carbon batteries and use purer chemicals in the construction of their zinc chloride and acidic ammonium chloride electrolyte.

Also see Alkaline Battery | Lead Acid Battery | Lithium Battery

Zoll® Rectilinear Biphasic® Waveform

The Zoll® Rectilinear Biphasic® Waveform (RBW) is the only Biphasic Waveform that has demonstrated clinically superior results as compared to monophasic waveforms.

Zone Dependency Functions

There are three zone dependency functions available:

Type A - If there is an alarm from a detector, the panel will look for a confirmatory alarm from the same or another detector in the same zone before a full alarm is established. If there is no confirmatory alarm, the first alarm will automatically reset.

Type B - As type A except the confirmatory signal must be from another detector in the same zone.

Type C - As type A except the confirmatory signal may also be from another zone, and the first alarm will not automatically reset.

Zone Isolate

This gives the ability to isolate a zone temporarily e.g. if there are building works being carried out and there is a risk of dust or smoke, the zone can be temporarily isolated to prevent false alarms.

Zone Isolation Feature

The isolation feature used on any zone will prevent it from sounding if another zone is activated. All Howlers on that zone will still sound if they are activated and the panel will receive a signal.