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Jargon Buster

Letter E

Economy Delivery

Economy delivery is a cheaper alternative to our standard option, and is sent through Royal Mail on a 2nd Class service. When economy delivery is selected the goods will still be dispatched on the same day providing the goods are in stock and the order is placed before 4:30pm.

Electronic Lock

What is an electronic lock?

An electronic lock is a locking device which is powered by an electrical current. They usually have a keypad which the correct code must be entered into before the lock will open.

What happens if the batteries run down?

All electronic locks are designed to save your combination in an internal memory even if the batteries run down. Batteries are accessible from the outside of the safe and are very easy to replace by following the manufacturers instructions. Rechargeable batteries are not suitable and can cause irreparable damage to the lock itself.

Emergeny Bolt

Emergency Latch

Emergency Lighting Operation Types

Non-maintained Maintained
Mains Healthy
Mains Failed


When in maintained operation an emergency light stays on at all times and stays lit for the minimum emergency duration after a mains failure.

Non maintained

When in non-maintained operation the emergency light will only come on in the event of a mains failure and will stay lit for the minimum emergency duration required.

Please Note: Maintained units are capable of being wired to enable non-maintained operation.

Mains Operation

Ordinary lights without emergency functionality sold by us to allow you to equip all parts of a building with identically looking lights, even when some of the lights do not need to be emergency lights.

Slave Units

Slave units have no internal backup battery. In the event of a power failure, slave units are powered by a bank of batteries centrally located within a building. The operation of the slave unit (i.e. maintained/non-maintained) is reliant on the operation of the backup battery system.

EN 1125 - Panic Exit Applications

A product certified to EN 1125 is suitable for use where members of the public, or non-trained persons, will have access to an exit door in the event of an emergency. The exit device is designed to provide "safe and effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation."

EN 179 - Emergency Exit Applications

A product certified to EN 179 is suitable for use where only trained personnel (non-public) will have access to an exit door in the event of an emergency. The exit device is designed for use by those who are "familiar with the emergency exit and its hardware and therefore a panic situation is unlikely to occur."

End to End Beam Detector

Evacuation Sheet

Evacuation Sledge

External Access Device

Extinguisher Agent

The substance contained inside a fire extinguisher which is used to extinguish fires.

Extinguisher Rating