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Jargon Buster

Letter P

Panic Bolt

A panic bolt is a vertical locking bolt which is designed to allow a fire exit door to be secured against unauthorised access from the outside whilst ensuring that the occupants of a building can escape through the door easily in an emergency situation


Panic Latch

Phased Evacuation Facility

The sounders in different parts of a building alarm in a phased sequence. The sounders in rooms where the fire is present alarm first.

Photo-electric Smoke Alarm


Photoluminescent safety signs glow in the dark and use a process of absorbing photons and then re-radiating them over time. This means that the signs require access to light in order to "charge up" which allows for them to be seen in complete darkness.

Prismatic Diffusers

Programmable Sensitivity Level

The system can be set up to signal a fire depending on how much the beam is attenuated or blocked. Many environments have dust or exhaust fumes in the air and so it is important that these areas do not signal constant false alarms. The FireRay 3000 can be set up to signal a fire from 10% to 60% beam attenuation. To comply with EN54-12 the sensitivity level needs to be between 25% and 35% with a maximum delay to fire of 20 seconds.