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IIP - Investors in People

Investors in People is a national quality standard which sets a level for improving an organisations performance through its workforce.

Integral Laser Alignment

The FireRay 3000 has a built in laser which acts as a guide during installation. This ensures that the transmitter and the receiver are roughly aligned before continuing with the main alignment procedure.

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

Interconnected smoke alarms connect to each other to create a system that will allow all of the alarms to sound together should any one of them detect fire.

Intumescent Seal

An intumescent seal is an integral part of a fire doorset. It remains dormant under normal conditions but swells to many times its original size when exposed to the heat of a fire, thus closing the gap between a fire door and its frame. Intumescent seals are frequently combined with cold smoke seals, which latter prevent the ingress of smoke around fire door edges in the early stages of a fire.

Investigation Delay Period Function

Programmable for length of time, which zone(s) it applies to and whether or not it operates in day/night mode. When there is an alarm in a zone programmed to operate in 'investigate' mode, the full alarm condition will occur after a delay. It is possible to manually impose a further delay, to allow the source of the alarm to be investigated. If the second delay expires, or there is another alarm in the same zone, then a full alarm condition is established. During either delay period, the panel may be reset in the case of a false alarm.

Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Ionisation smoke alarms react quickly to fast-flaming fires and work by ionising the air between 2 electrodes which are positively and negatively charged, this creates a small current inside the chamber. When smoke enters the chamber it causes the balance of current inside to be changed and the alarm sounds.

IP Rating

IP Ratings classify the degree of protection provided against ingress from solid objects, dust and water.

See the IP Rating Table

ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 is a quality standard given to companies/organisations that certifies business processes are being used throughout day-to-day activities.