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Jargon Buster

Letter S

Short Circuit Isolator

Isolators are placed at intervals on the fire alarm loop to ensure that, in the case of a short circuit, only the section between the isolators will be affected. Then, when the short circuit is removed, the isolators will automatically restore power and data to the isolated section.

Sash Window


The SpeechPOD feature of the SD Evolution range is a PIR (passive infrared) sensor activated voice messaging system. Upon detection of movement the SpeechPOD will play a pre-programmed audio clip.

Self Contained Emergency Luminaire

Slave Luminaire

Smoke Alarm

Smoke Seal

Sounder Circuits

Sounders are connected to the sounder circuits and not zones. There are 4 sounder circuits. Each circuit is limited to 200ma. In total across all 4 circuits, the total load is limited to 800ma. The number of sounders that can be connected is determined by the current draw of each sounder.


The PIR motion sensor built into the SpeechPOD detects the presence of people and activates a pre-programmed voice warning.

The dual sensor models of the SpeechPOD can issue two different voice messages depending on the direction from which they detect movement.

Stair Nosing

Standby Lighting

Steel Security Plate and Locking Screw

The steel security plate is a solid piece of steel that is used to fill the aperture of the letterbox when not in use. With the addition of a locking screw to secure the security plate, the ability to pass things through it is disabled. By locking the plate closed, unwanted items can not be pushed through the door, further reducing the risk of an arson attack.


Sustained Emergency Luminaire

Switchable Maintained Lighting

An emergency light unit that can be wired to a switch, allowing it to be turned on or off for regular use (switching the unit between maintained and non-maintained operation). In the event of a mains power / circuit failure the lamp on the unit will be powered by its back-up battery.

When in emergency operation the light output of the emergency light will drop to approximately 10% of its normal light output. This ensures that the back-up battery will power the lamp for the required duration (3 hours). The stated light output (in Lumens) in the product description is the light output in emergency operation.