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Jargon Buster

Letter O

One Man Test Facility

This facility allows for the service engineer to test the full system without having to go to the panel and manually reset after testing each device.

Opal Diffusers

Opal diffusers take a light source and reduce the sharp glare creating a softer light that is dispersed more evenly through the lens. Opal diffusers are ideal for lighting in both commercial and residential premises, often seen in stairwells, lobbies etc.

Also see Fresnel Diffusers | Prismatic Diffusers

Optical Smoke Alarm

Optical smoke alarms react quickly to slow-smouldering fires which produce a lot of smoke and work using the light scatter principle. When smoke enters the chamber it causes infra red light to be scattered onto the photodiode light receptor and the alarm sounds.

Overhead Door Closer

An overhead door closer is a mechanical device that is fitted to the top of a door to ensure that it closes after it has been opened.

Also See Door Closer