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Jargon Buster

Letter F

Fall Arrest Harness Buckles

Quick Connect:

Quick connect buckles come in two parts and one part passes through the other to create the connection.

Quick Release:

Quick release buckles work by one part of the buckle being inserted into the other to make the connection and is released by pressing both sides of the buckle simultaneously.

Fault Output

This is a relay with normally open and normally closed contacts which are triggered when a fault condition occurs.

Fire and Smoke Seal


Fire Door

A fire door is a complete installed assembly, also known as a fire doorset, which is constructed of fire resisting components including doorframe, door leaf/leaves with any glazing panels required, ironmongery (locks, latches, hinges, etc), intumescent seals and an automatic closing device.

It is an internal door, whose function when closed is to resist the smoke and flames of a fire for a minimum period of time, typically 30 minutes (FD30). As such, a fire door acts to create/protect an escape route through a building or compartmentalise a fire in a section of the building, to facilitate the swift and safe evacuation of people from the premises.

Fire Door Retainer

Fire Escape Hoods

Fire Exit

A fire exit is the final exit on a fire escape route through a building. The fire exit door must open easily, immediately and wherever practicable in the direction of travel, i.e. outwards, into a place of safety outside the building. A fire exit must remain unobstructed at all times and bear the appropriate signage: e.g. ‘Fire Exit – Keep Clear’.

Fire Extinguisher rating

Fire Hose Reel

Fireproof Hinges

Fire Risk Assessment

First Fix Concept

The transmitter and receiver are supplied in two parts: one is the head of the unit, and the other part is similar to a large connector called the first fix. The first fix can be easily wired in and mounted, and then the transmitter or receiver simply twists on. On the controller, the first fix allows the installer to complete the wiring before the transmitter and receiver heads are fitted.

Fixed Temperauture Heat Detector

Fresnel Diffuser