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Selecting the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

How to Choose a CO Detector

When searching for the best value domestic carbon monoxide alarm, three main factors should be taken into consideration:

  • The purchase price including delivery costs
  • The lifespan of the alarm
  • The cost for replacement batteries, should the alarm require battery replacements over its lifetime

Comparison of CO Alarms

We have created a simple overview of the leading CO alarms, listing their prices, lifespan and the cost of batteries required and then worked out the resulting cost per year for each model. This assessment will help you make the right buying choice.

All the CO detectors we listed are certified by BSI or equivalent. We have also shown additional features which might be important to you in your selection process. To help make the data in the table as easy to understand as possible we have included a star rating, which takes into account the cost per year, any additional features as well as the product ratings provided by users of the products.

Model Alarm Display Battery Type Lifespan (Years) Warranty (Years) Extra Features Customer Rating Price + Delivery
(inc VAT)
Total Cost Per Year Star Rating (Based on Features and Cost Per Year)
Kidde 5CO LED Alkaline replaceable 10 7 - 4.6 £11.99 £1.95
Kidde 5DCO Digital Alkaline replaceable 10 7 - 4.7 £14.99 £2.25
Kidde 7CO LED Alkaline replaceable 10 10 - 4.7 £13.29 £2.08
Kidde 7DCO Digital Alkaline replaceable 10 10 - 4.7 £15.10 £2.26
Kidde 10LLCO LED Sealed lithium 10 10 - 4.6 £17.99 £1.80
Kidde 10LLDCO Digital Sealed lithium 10 10 - 4.7 £16.49 £1.65
Kidde 10SCO LED Alkaline replaceable 10 10 Combination CO/smoke alarm with voice warning 4.8 £17.50 £2.70
Kidde WFPCO LED Sealed lithium 10 10 Combination CO/smoke alarm New £23.99 £2.40
Fireangel CO9B LED Alkaline replaceable 7 7 - 4.7 £16.57 £2.87
Fireangel CO9D Digital Sealed lithium 7 7 - 4.8 £21.53 £3.08
Fireangel CO9X LED Sealed lithium 7 7 - 4.5 £19.79 £2.83
Fireangel CO9X10 LED Sealed lithium 10 10 - 4.8 £26.38 £2.64
Honeywell XC70 LED Sealed lithium 7 7 - 4.5 £27.47 £3.92
First Alert SCO5UK LED Alkaline replaceable 7 7 - 4.7 £20.39 £3.41
EI Electronics Ei208 LED Sealed lithium 10 5 - 4.8 £31.16 £3.12

What is the Best Value CO Detector?

The carbon monoxide detector with the lowest cost and the best overall rating was the Kidde 10LLDCO which contains a sealed 10 year lithium battery and offers a clear digital display and 10 year warranty.

Cheapest CO detector - Kidde 10LLDCO

Kidde 10LLDCO - the best value carbon monoxide detector

How did we carry out the assessment?

The battery replacement cost assessment was based on £0.50 per alkaline AA battery and £1.90 per 9V alkaline block battery and of course the required number of batteries for each alarm. The battery life per battery was assumed to be 2 years. The star rating was based on a ranking of additional features, such as digital display and sealed longlife batteries, alarm lifespan, warranty, product feedback from previous customer feedback as well as pricing. Please contact the Safelincs marketing department if you are interested in further details of the study,

Buy the Kidde 10LLDCO

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