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Portable Escape Ladders

Portable Fire Escapes

Portable fire escape ladders are stored near the escape window and are deployed in an emergency. They can cover several windows

From £57.23 inc VAT

Fitted External Ladders

Fold Out Fire Escapes

Permanent fire escape ladders, such as Saffold, provide a fixed emergency exit for evacuation from a building. Suitable for home, office and business installations. 15 year warranty.

From £207.11 inc VAT

Roof Window Ladders

Escape From Roof Window

A range of fire escape ladders suitable for escaping rooms of buildings fitted with Velux-style (loft/roof) windows.

From £121.79 inc VAT

Dormer Window Ladders

Fire Escape Ladders for Dormer Windows

This range of portable and fixed fire escape ladders are suitable for escaping buildings fitted with Dormer windows.

From £134.15 inc VAT

Fire Escape Accessories

Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses for use with fire escape ladders along with storage and anchorage equipment.

From £6.35 inc VAT

Help & Advice

Evacuation Equipment Help & Advice

A collection of helpful articles and guides designed to help you understand and chose the best products for your requirements.

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Product Videos

Evacuation Equipment Product Videos

Videos which are designed to offer introductions, interactive solutions and overviews of our products.

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Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Equipment

Safelincs offers high quality products from leading fire safety brands. We offer free extended warranties on all our emergency escape ladders and are confident that we provide the best fire safety equipment on the market.

In our range of fire escape ladders, clients can browse through portable, fitted, external, balcony, roof window and dormer window escape ladders. These emergency escape ladders are designed to suit various building structures and provide a secure fire escape solution for all our clients’ requirements.

Safelincs also offers a range of assorted fire escape windows, fall arrest equipment and fire escape apparatus to ensure that our clients can be fully prepared in the event of a fire.

Choose Safelincs

Choose Safelincs

As a pioneering international fire safety retailer, Safelincs can provide fire escape ladders to suit all requirements. Our competitive prices, ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction and the largest range of fire escape ladders available has made us the UK’s largest online retailers of our kind.

Learning from customers' needs we have developed new escape ladders and are focusing a significant part of our R+D on new fire escape solutions. We can work out an escape solution for every customer and you can send us photos, drawings or simply sketches for us to work out your best and most cost-efficient solution.

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire escape ladders and fire escape chutes offer secondary routes of escape if your staircases or escape routes are blocked by smoke or even fire. Smoke can render you unconscious within 3 breaths, so just running down a smoke filled staircase is not an option. We offer the UK's largest range of escape ladders and escape chutes. We have a solution for almost every building and some of our permanently installed escape ladders are also suitable for businesses, although approval must always be sought if a fire escape ladder is to be used as a replacement for a primary means of escape.


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