Smoke Alarms

Suitable for the hallway, landing, bedrooms, lounge etc. Installing a minimum of one working smoke detector in your house increases your chances of escaping a house from fire by up to 90%. Choose from our wide range of alarms.

From £9.19 inc VAT

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Heat Alarms

Perfect for installation in the kitchen, garage, utility room etc. heat alarms are an integral part of your homes fire safety system intelligently detecting unusual temperature levels in a room which may indicate a fire.

From £30.60 inc VAT

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fitting a CO detector in any room with a natural fuel burning appliance (boiler, open fire, cooker, oven wood burner, BBQ, paraffin heater, generator etc.) is essential as the deadly gas has no smell, taste or colour!

From £14.15 inc VAT

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Combination Alarms

Combining two (certified) detectors in one unit is not only far more efficient and provides you and your family with more protection but it also looks nicer in your house, caravan, holiday home etc.

From £26.40 inc VAT

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Alarm Accessories

We offer a range of approved accessories for use with our alarms including spare batteries, remote test and status panels and pattresses to help you get the most out of your alarm and improve installation.

From £6.23 inc VAT

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Extinguishers and Blankets

Suitable for tackling small manageable fires, having a fire blanket and fire extinguisher nearby can help you to stop fires from getting out of control. All Kidde products are tested and certified by recognised 3rd parties.

From £21.59 inc VAT

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