Completely Safe for use on Electrical Equipment

The water droplets created by our water mist extinguishers are so small that electricity cannot travel through them. They are also filled with de-ionised water which cannot carry an electrical current and have been di-electrically tested with 35000 Volts making them completely safe for use on live electrical equipment (up to 1000V at 1m distance).

5 Year Warranty

Manufactured to the to the highest standards and using the best quality materials available, the water mist extinguishers are built to last. The exceptional quality of the extinguishers gives us the confidence to offer and excellent 5 year warranty across our entire water mist range.

100% environmentally friendly

Our water mist fire extinguishers are extremely eco-friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals or substances that could damage the environment. They use di-ionosed water and a patented nozzle to create the mist and leave behind almost no residue after they have been discharged.

Water Mist Extinguisher Ratings

Our water mist extinguishers have been certified for use on a range of fires including class A, B, C and F fires and fires involving live electrical equipment up to 1000V.

Water Mist
5A 8B 5F
Water Mist
8A 13B 25F
Water Mist
13A 21B 75F

Some of our Water Mist Customers

Some of our customers that have installed water mist fire extinguishers.

Water Mist Image Gallery

A collection of images showing the features of water mist fire extinguishers.

Jewel Water Mist Comparison Video

Water mist fire extinguishers have increased fire fighting capabilities over traditional fire extinguishers such as AFFF foam and ABC powder. They use di-ionised water and are extremely environmentally frindly. Watch our demonstration video to see water mist fire extinguishers being compaed with traditional fire extinguishers when being used to tackle a full range of different fires.


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