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Gloria Branded Products

Gloria Extinguisher Vehicle Box APD6VBOX

For use on trucks and other vehicles, the Gloria Extinguisher Box is available in two sizes and has a quick release lid for extinguisher access.

  • Suitable for 6ltr / 6kg and 9ltr / 9kg extinguishers
  • Fitted with a waterproof seal for outdoor use
  • Quick release lid for easy access in emergencies
  • Suitable for surface mounting or under-hanging fitment

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9kg Powder Fire Extinguisher - Gloria PD9GA

These units are often found in industrial locations including boat yards, on marine vessels or in harbours. Suitable in areas with flammable materials are present.

  • Extinguisher rating 43A, 233B, C
  • 10 year warranty
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3: 1996
  • MED approved - certified for marine use

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This product has been discontinued

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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Solutions

Safelincs provide fire safety products and services to commercial, public and industrial customers such as hospitals, churches, schools, universities, nursing homes fm companies, and refineries as well as community groups, SMEs, landlords and individual home owners.

We offer high-quality fire safety equipment at competitive prices, manufactured by reputable companies such as Kidde, UltraFire, Fireco, Britannia, Gloria, Dräger, First Alert and many others. In total we supply over 6,000 products and services both offline and online, which makes us the biggest UK online retailer of fire safety products.

Our Fire Safety Products

Our Fire Safety Products

The selection of fire protection equipment and services we provide is designed to offer businesses and organisations a quality service, a personalised solution and the best price. We have worked with our customers for many years helping them to complete fire risk assessments and implement the recommendations from the assessments, so we have a very good understanding about what our customers need. Our skilled and friendly staff will quote you bespoke solutions for your type of organisation and buildings. However, not only businesses benefit from our range of products, householders will also find all the fire safety equipment they require for their homes.

We are in constant discussions with manufacturers to introduce fire safety products that will help our customers save time or money. You will find on our website some innovative fire safety products, from sevice-free fire extinguishers to radio-interlinked smoke alarms, which offer large cost savings over the lifetime of the products.


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