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Conventional Panels and Accessories

Conventional Fire Alarm Panels and Accessories

A wide range of two and four wire conventional fire alarm panels and accessories to suit various commercial and domestic applications.

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Addressable Fire Alarm Panels and Accessories

Addressable Fire Alarm Panels and Accessories

Intelligent addressable fire alarm panels and a wide range of detection devices and accessories from industry leading manufacturers.

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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems provide the ultimate in speed and ease of installation.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems provide the ultimate in speed and ease of installation.

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Infrared and Ultraviolet Fire Detectors

Smoke Detectors using Infrared and Ultraviolet

Infrared beam smoke detectors and Ultraviolet flame detectors for larger buildings. Ideal for factories and warehouses. Manufactured by Nittan and FireRay.

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Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Fire Alarm Panel Servicing and Maintenance

Fully certified fire alarm panel and system servicing. We offer nationwide coverage and full test certification.

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Help & Advice

Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection Help & Advice

A collection of helpful articles and guides designed to help you understand and chose the best products for your requirements.

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Product Videos

Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection Product Videos

Videos which are designed to offer introductions, interactive solutions and overviews of our products.

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Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Rather than being limited to a general zone information (see conventional alarm system), addressable alarm systems can identify individual alarms and can therefore pinpoint the location of the fire or of any errors much better. A wider range of devices can be deployed.
Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Large buildings require a central control panel to show staff and the fire brigade the location of a fire within the building if a fire is detected. Conventional alarm systems consist of the panel and a number of circuits (zones) on which fire detectors are located. The circuits are monitored and if any of the detectors trigger, the overall alarm will be raised and the particular zone will dispay on the panel.


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