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Evacuation Chairs

If a fire breaks out, lifts cannot be used any longer and people with mobility impairments are sometimes left behind to wait for the emergency services due to inadequate evacuation methods over alternative flights of stairs. Evacuation chairs offer in these situations a much safer and much more acceptable solution for evacuation.

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EVAC+CHAIR 600H Evacuation Chair

  • Single or two person operation
  • Also able to ascend stairs safely (requires 2 operators)
  • Additional handles for assisted manoeuvring
  • Evacuation chair supplied with all accessories
2 Customer Reviews

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Now: £911.99 inc VAT

£759.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR 110 Narrow Aisle Evacuation Chair

  • Single person operation down standard stairs
  • UK manufactured product
  • Evacuation chair supplied with accessories
  • Lightweight, ideal for narrow aisle operation

£950.39 inc VAT

£791.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR 500 Evacuation Chair

  • Single or two person operation
  • For use on steep stairs
  • Increased passenger carrying weight
  • Evacuation chair supplied with all accessories
2 Customer Reviews

£1,000.79 inc VAT

£833.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR IBEX TranSeat 700H Evacuation Chair

  • Two person operation - operators bear no weight
  • Descends and ascends stairs safely
  • Specific handle locations for operators
  • Stainless steel frame construction
1 Customer Reviews

£1,799.99 inc VAT

£1,499.99 ex VAT

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CarryLite Transit Chair

  • Single person operation
  • Quick and easy to unfold in one swift movement
  • Large wheels for stability over uneven ground
  • UK manufactured product
  • For evacuation from single level property

£440.39 inc VAT

£366.99 ex VAT

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Air+Chair Patient Transit Chair

  • Certified by Disabled Persons Transport Committee
  • Flame retardant and certified by FAA Regs.
  • Narrow designs accommodates train / plane aisles
  • Single person operation
  • Maximum payload of 150 KG
  • Manufactured in the UK

Save 2%

Now: £552.83 inc VAT

£460.69 ex VAT

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Servicare EVAC+CHAIR Servicing

  • Ensures evacuation chairs are maintained for safe operation
  • Includes the renewal of any wearing parts
  • Servicing certificate provided

From: £113.15 inc VAT

£94.29 ex VAT

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Evacuation Chair Training

  • Perfect for those who work in buildings installed with evacuation chairs
  • 2 hour comprehensive training
  • Training carried out by a qualified consultant

1 unit

£570.00 inc VAT

£475.00 ex VAT

2+ units

£477.00 inc VAT

£397.50 ex VAT

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Evacuation Chair "Train the Trainer" Course

  • Ideal for companies who want to be able to offer their own in-house training to new and exisiting staff
  • 3.5 hours comprehensive training for up to 3 delegates
  • Training carried out by a qualified consultant

1 unit

£959.99 inc VAT

£799.99 ex VAT

2+ units

£834.00 inc VAT

£695.00 ex VAT

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Evacuation Chair Sign

  • Identifies the location of evacuation chairs
  • Jalite AAA material
  • Photoluminescent (glow-in-the dark)
  • Rigid PVC signs
  • Dimensions (HxW): 300x225mm

£11.75 inc VAT

£9.79 ex VAT

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  • Allows wall hanging of your evacuation chair
  • Ideal for siting your chair in your premises
  • Suitable for EVAC+CHAIR 300H, 440 and 600H
  • Supplied with screws as standard

£13.19 inc VAT

£10.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR Reception Wall Notice

  • Informs users that evacuation chairs are available
  • Stylish silver frame finish
  • Ideal for public buildings
  • Dimensions (HxW): 200x350mm

£27.59 inc VAT

£22.99 ex VAT

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  • Helps to maintain the integrity of your chair
  • Keeps your evacuation chair clean
  • Suitable for the EVAC+CHAIR 300H, 500 and 600H
  • Large, clear evacuation chair symbol on the cover
1 Customer Reviews

£47.99 inc VAT

£39.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR Anti-theft Device

  • Deters vandals and potential theft
  • Alarms at 98dB if the chair is moved from its location
  • Bright red housing with large "STOP" notification
  • Resettable alarm with key switch

£77.99 inc VAT

£64.99 ex VAT

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  • Provides rigid support for patient
  • Additional comfort whilst in use
  • For use with 300H, 440 & 600H evacuation chairs
  • Can be purchased as a retrofit

£107.99 inc VAT

£89.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR Patient Seat Carrier

  • Transfer user from wheelchair to evacuation chair
  • Manufactured from high quality webbed fabric
  • Minimum two person operation
  • Pay load of 160 KG

£169.55 inc VAT

£141.29 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR 300H MK4 Evacuation Chair Stand

  • Self standing
  • Suitable for mounting Evac+Chair 300H chairs
  • Negates the need for wall mounting brackets
  • Helps to highlight the location of the Evac+Chair
1 Customer Reviews

£83.99 inc VAT

£69.99 ex VAT

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EVAC+CHAIR Evacuation Chair Storage Cabinet

  • Suitable for most Evac+Chair models
  • Free standing or can be wall mounted
  • Provides protection for the Evac+Chair
  • Key lock protection

£403.19 inc VAT

£335.99 ex VAT

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Evac+Chair Photoluminescent Sign

  • Signals where an Evac+Chair is located in emergencies
  • Rigid plastic for wall mounting
  • Photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark)
  • Dimensions (HxL): 100x300mm

£14.39 inc VAT

£11.99 ex VAT

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How do evacuation chairs work

How do evacuation chairs work

Under current legislation, it is the responsibility of the employer or building operator to ensure that their business complies with fire safety, health and safety and equal opportunity requirements. If you employ mobility impaired persons, the responsibility of ensuring their safe escape from a multi-storey building in the event of an emergency, for example fire, can be daunting. The use of lifts in an emergency is usually not permitted and the escape route will therefore be over stairs.

There are a number of evacuation solutions available in this situation. Safelincs offers a wide range of evacuation chairs to match different types of stairs and gradients. All of the chairs have the ability to descend flights of stairs with ease, ensuring a smooth and stress-free emergency escape for the passenger. For the the Evac+Chair 300H MK4, 440, and 600H evacuation chairs, this is achieved through the use of specially designed friction belts. Taking into account the distribution of the chair’s weight and load, the friction belts ensure that the chair does not slip or accelerate too rapidly during stair descent. When the passenger has reached level ground, the operator simply deploys the back wheels and pushes the chair to the safe assembly point.

The Evac+Chair 300H MK4, 440 and 600H emergency evacuation chairs have a number of features to provide comfort and support to the user. The “sling style” seat combined with the forehead restraint and safety buckles allow for the passenger to sit back in the chair without the worry of being tipped forward during descent down a flight of stairs. The material of the sling seat is padded, ensuring user comfort. For some mobility impaired persons, the movement from a wheelchair to a sling style seat can prove a difficult task. The Evac+Chair comfy seat has been designed to clip easily on to the 300H MK4, 440 and 600H evacuation chairs, which provides a flat surface ideal for stability and support when mounting the evacuation chair. The Evac+Chair comfy seat can be purchased as a retrofit.

Other evacuation chair accessories available are the Evac+Chair stand and storage cabinet. These products are designed for use with the 300H MK4 evacuation chair and are suitable for internal use. The evacuation chair stand is ideal in locations where wall mounting is not an option. The evacuation chair storage cabinet is a popular accessory used in schools, prisons and other applications where tampering may be an issue. The cabinet is fitted with a secure key lock and can either be wall mounted or left free-standing. Both the stand and the storage cabinet, paired with the photoluminescent sign, help to highlight the location of the evacuation chair to all occupants of the building. They also help to deter unauthorised movement from the chair’s strategically placed position.

Since the introduction of the original Evac+Chair 300H MK4 emergency evacuation chair, the manufacturers evolved the chair’s features and produced three more chairs to suit the needs of different buildings and users. The 440 emergency evacuation chair has the ability to cope with a higher passenger payload of 440lbs/200kg, meaning that the chair can cater for a heavier person. The specially designed friction belts have also been developed so that it is suitable for use on regular and steep 45° stairs.

The 600H evacuation chair carries the traditional benefits of the 300H MK4 model, with the addition of two extra handles suitable for up to 4 operators as needed in the event of emergency. The inclusion of two additional handles means that the 600H chair can be used for escape locations with difficult access i.e. unmoveable obstructions, so that the passenger and chair can be lifted until the evacuation stairway is reached. As well as for use at locations with difficult access, the 600H evacuation chair is typically installed where you may need to go up flights of stairs for escape e.g. from basement level. The additional handles allow for the mobility impaired person to be carried, until the wheels and/or motion friction belts can be used again.

Finally, Evac+Chair has produced the IBEX TranSeat 700H evacuation chair designed to ascend as well as descend stairs. The IBEX TranSeat has a top extendible handle, and the load bearing tracks mean that no heavy lifting is required on stairway ascent. During ascent, the operators release the brake that may have been previously set for descent, so that they do not experience any restrictions when moving the passenger up the stairs.

It is important that operators are aware of the correct handling of any evacuation chair to ensure the safety of the passenger and to avoid any injury or strain during use. Safelincs offers on site evacuation chair training, carried out by experienced and professionally qualified trainers. The certificated course includes both theoretical and practical training tasks and is available for a maximum number of 6 participants per session. You can book the evacuation chair training online or call our dedicated customer service team on 0800 612 6537


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