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EVAC+CHAIR 110 Narrow Aisle Evacuation Chair

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Product Overview

The EVAC+CHAIR 110 Narrow Aisle Evacuation Chair enables the safe evacuation of less mobile persons down a narrow flight of stairs during an emergency. Ideal for older buildings that may have narrow or uneven aisles or staircases, the EVAC+CHAIR 110 is lightweight and can be effectively operated by a single user to transport anyone who may find it difficult to evacuate quickly in an emergency.

This evacuation chair holds the patient securely in place with safety restraints, while a sling-style seat ensures the occupant is sat back in the chair and cannot be tipped forward. The chair's wheels are supported by specially designed friction belts which ensure the chair does not slip or accelerate too rapidly while descending a flight of stairs. The distribution of the chair's weight and load ensures that the descent is smooth and comfortable for both the user and the operator.

  • Ideal for older buildings with narrow or restricted corridors or staircases
  • Lightweight, single person operation (10kg design)
  • Unique friction belt system for smooth descent
  • Provided with photoluminescent signs as well as hooks for wall mounting
  • Clearly marked dust cover included for protection when not in use
  • Adjustable handle for comfortable operation
  • User manual supplied with the chair to provide operator guidance
  • Padded material covers the chair's leg and back bars for user comfort
  • Footrest for the occupant
  • UK manufactured by Evac+Chair
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • CE marked
  • The EVAC+CHAIR 110 Evacuation Chair is registered with the MHRA
  • Class I Medical Device and regulated under PUWER
  • Annual EVAC+CHAIR servicing available
  • Also available to purchase with on site Evacuation Chair Training
Technical Data
Product Code

Evacuation Chair Only:  ECCHAIR110

Evacuation Chair and Training:  EC110TRAIN

Brand Evac+Chair
Dimensions (HxWxD)

Folded Position: 1020x450x230mm

Deployed Position: 1020x450x1150mm

Maximum Load


Weight 10.00kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (7)
Q. How strong do I need to be to operate the Evac+Chair?

Because the chair operates on via friction belts, strength is less of a concern than being properly trained. Adding a person's weight will result in a downwards movement without lifting. When using the chair to transport someone downstairs, it is important to note that you should be pushing down towards your toes, not pulling back or pushing forwards as with a shopping trolley.

Q. How can I stop the chair if I’ve already started going down stairs?

By pushing down on the handles and stopping your own downward progress will stop the descent of the Evac+Chair. Training is vital to ensure that you know how to use the Evac+Chair safely and with confidence in the event of a fire.

Q. Where should I store my Evac+Chair?

The Evac+Chair needs to be in plain sight of all building occupants. The Evac+Chair is supplied with 2 wall mounting hooks to enable the chair to be located in the most appropriate area. Additionally, the bright yellow branded cover that is supplied with the Evac+Chair should ensure that once in position, the chair remains in focus.

Q. Who provides service for my Evac+Chair?

Safelincs can carry out your service, which will ensure that you are maintaining your Evac+Chair in accordance with the Class 1 Medical Device guidelines. Your chair should be serviced and maintained annually to ensure that it operates safely. A monthly in-house check should also be carried out.

Q. Are Evac+Chairs required?

Yes, there is a legal obligation to ensure that all employees and the general public are able to safely evacuate your building in the event of a fire. Evac+Chair is one way to meet this obligation.

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Evacuation Chair and Training
Product Code: EC110TRAIN
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