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Automatic Extinguishers

Suitable for: Marine, automotive and enclosed environments - locations that are occasionally or permanently unmanned, or anywhere requiring an instant extinguishing reaction. Choose powder fire extinguishers for vehicle and marine engine compartments; inert gas fire extinguishers for computer rooms and enclosed compartments.

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Small Automatic Powder Fire Extinguishers

Designed to be mounted (on the wall bracket supplied) in un-manned areas, these automatic extinguishers are triggered by heat levels commonly associated with fire.

  • Suitable for vehicle engine compartments / generator rooms
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Extinguisher fixing bracket is included
  • Effective on class A, B & C fires
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£25.99 ex VAT

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Large Automatic Powder Fire Extinguishers

Available in both 6kg and 10kg models, these automatic extinguishers are perfect for unmanned, confined locations.

  • Extinguisher fixings included
  • Effective on class A, B & C fires
  • Suitable for engines and machine rooms
  • CE Marked
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From: £74.99 inc VAT

£62.49 ex VAT

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Automatic FE36 Fire Extinguisher (residue-free)

Available in 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg versions, these automatic, clean inert gas extinguishers can cover unmanned areas of up to 3.4 cubic metres.

  • Clean, inert extinguishing gas FE-36™ (Replaces Halon)
  • 5 Year manufacturer's warranty
  • Suitable for server rooms and other IT areas
  • Zero ozone depletion
24 Customer Reviews

From: £83.99 inc VAT

£69.99 ex VAT

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Strike FX Automatic Powder Fire Extinguisher System

Covering up to 2.0 cubic metres of enclosed space, the powder Strike FX detects heat over 165°C and bursts to douse the flames and extinguish the fire.

  • Extinguishes fires via a 4m pressurised polymer detection tube
  • Provides 24/7 protection
  • Ideal for many industrial and vehicle applications

£539.99 inc VAT

£449.99 ex VAT

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Strike FX Automatic FM200 Fire Extinguisher System

Available in 1kg and 2kg versions, the Strike FX tubing covers "at risk" areas and bursts at the point of exposure to 165°C, accurately dowsing the fire.

  • FM200 clean agent extinguishant
  • Supplied with 4m of polymer detection tubing
  • Extinguishes at the source of the fire
  • Does not require any electrical power to operate

£562.31 inc VAT

£468.59 ex VAT

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Redetec FM200 Rack Mounted Automatic Fire Suppression Unit

Available in two versions suitable for 1.5m3 or 3.0m3 coverage in 19" server racks. Discreet and unobtrusive design.

  • Provides automatic extinguishing for rack and cabinet enclosures
  • Self-contained fire detection and suppression system
  • CE marked and EMC tested
  • Non-ozone depleting FM200 extinguishant
  • Features 2 built-in LPCB approved optical smoke detectors

From: £1,793.99 inc VAT

£1,494.99 ex VAT

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Redetec Novec 1230 Rack Mounted Automatic Fire Suppression Unit

The Novec 1230 systems come in two sizes to cover either 1.5m3 or 3.0m3 of space in 19" server racks. Slimline, low profile rack design.

  • Provides fire detection and protection for electronic equipment
  • Designed around EN 54-2 C&IE standards and EMC tested
  • Automatic release of extinguishant upon detector activation
  • Environmentally friendly Novec 1230 extinguishing gas
  • Includes 2 built-in LPCB approved conventional photoelectric smoke detectors

From: £1,793.99 inc VAT

£1,494.99 ex VAT

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Automatic Extinguishers for Boats

Automatic Extinguishers for Boats

Automatic fire extinguishers in boats are usually containing powder. They are installed facing slighly downwards above the engine. They are triggered when the ambient temperature rises to a level typical for a fire being present. The powder rapidly discharges over the engine and kills of the flames. No human interaction is required.
Automatic Extinguishers for Computer Cabinets

Automatic Extinguishers for Computer Cabinets

Automatic fire extinguishers used for computer cabinets usually contain an inert gas, which is released when the temperature reaches a trigger point. The inert gas then suffocates the fire. As the gas spreads evenly in the computer cabinet, it is important that the size of extinguisher matches the volume of the cabinet. If the gas concentration after discharge is too low, the fire will not be suppressed. If the cabinet has too many openings, the gas disperses into other areas and will not be effective any longer. It is therefore important that the cabinet door for example is closed when the cabinet is not being worked on. The position of the extinguisher is usually above the equipment so that the rising heat triggers the extinguisher as quickly as possible.

The gases in our automatic extinguishers are environmentally friendly.


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