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Extinguishers & Equipment

Britannia P50 Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

Visual inspection of service-free extinguishers (03:01)

A demonstration of the visual inspection process for service-free fire extinguishers.

Service-free fire extinguisher end user benefits (01:14)

The key features and benefits of P50 service-free fire extinguishers in relation to your business.

Service-free extinguisher facilities manager benefits (01:13)

How the Britannia P50 service-free extinguishers will save you time and money.

Service-free extinguisher electrical fire demonstration (00:32)

Britannia's service-free foam extinguisher being safely used on a live electrical equipment fire.

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

Water mist extinguishers Vs traditional extinguishers (03:20)

The stunning difference in performance between traditional and water mist extinguishers.

Water mist extinguisher clothing fire demonstration (01:45)

A demonstration of how effective water mist fire extinguishers are on clothing fires.

Water mist extinguisher Christmas tree demonstration (00:25)

The amazing effectiveness of water mist fire extinguishers on Christmas tree fires.

Automatic Fire Suppression

Redetec 19 (04:52)

A short animated video showing the features of the Redetec 19" Rack Mounted Automatic Fire Suppression Unit.

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