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Extinguishers & Equipment

Fire extinguishers are an essential element of fire protection and to ensure that the correct type of extinguishers are specified and installed a site survey should ideally be carried out.

This guide has been designed to give an overview of fire classes, provide a basic understanding of the different fire extinguisher types and their suitability and to demonstrate how fire extinguishers can be used in an emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Extinguisher Types Fire extinguishers are available with different extinguishing media. Each type of fire extinguisher has a specific colour code which allows easy identification.

Fire Extinguisher Classes

Fire Extinguisher Classes Fires are classified according to what type of combustible material is involved. Each fire class is represented by a letter of the alphabet (Not Electrical) and / or symbol.

Extinguishers For Electrical Fires

More info about Extinguishers For Electrical Fires A helpful guide showing the different types of electrical fire and which extinguishers are suitable for use and recomended on each type of fire.

Fire Extinguishers by Location

Fire Extinguishers by Location Find out what type of fire extinguishers should be installed in the various locations throughout a building and how surrounding risks need to be accounted for.

How to Use Fire Extinguishers

How to Use Fire Extinguishers Each type of fire should be approached differently depending on which type of fire the extinguisher is being used. It can be dangerous to tackle a fire incorrectly.

Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide

More info about Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide A fire extinguisher buying guide with advice about what to look for when buying fire extinguishers and what options are available during the checkout process.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers It is important to ensure that fire extinguishers are serviced and maintained to ensure they are fully functional in the event of fire.

Is it ABC Powder or Dry Powder?

More info about Is it ABC Powder or Dry Powder? A short guide that should give a better understanding of the terms 'ABC powder' and 'Dry powder' when talking about fire extinguishers.

Installation of Fire Extinguishers

Installation of Fire Extinguishers It is essential to make sure that fire extinguishers are installed correctly to ensure that they are easily recognised and available in the event of a fire.

Overview by Rating

Guide for fire extinguisher Ratings and Fire Extinguisher Types An brief synopsis of our fire extinguisher range; comparing fire ratings and showing what types of fire risk each extinguisher covers.

Protecting Extinguishers for Transport

Protecting Extinguishers for Transport A guide to show how fire extinguisher can be damaged in transit if they are not correctly protected.

How Old Is Your Fire Extinguisher?

How Old Is Your Fire Extinguisher? A helpful illustrated guide to help determine the age of a fire extinguisher using its manufacturing date.

Fire Extinguishers in Schools and Academies

More info about Tackling Fire Safety Costs in Schools and Academies A helpful guide detailing how the cost of fire extinguisher provision can be reduced in schools and academies.

Extinguishers for Lodges and Holiday Homes

More info about Fire Extinguishers for Lodges and Holiday Homes A detailed guide discussing the suitability of different types of fire extinguishers for lodges and holiday homes.

How to clean up after a fire extinguisher discharge?

How to clean up after a fire extinguisher discharge? A brief guide detailing how to clean up after a fire extinguisher has been discharged.

How to Dispose of Old Fire Extinguishers

More info about How to Dispose of Old Fire Extinguishers A helpful guide to disposing of different types of fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Reminders

Fire Extinguisher Reminders

A free reminder service to notify you when your extinguishers are due to be serviced, refilled or replaced.



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