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Fire Doors & Accessories FAQs

Can the seals be fitted to the door instead of the frame?

The seals can be fitted to either the door or frame.

Can remote sounders be fitted to a fire door that requires monitoring?

The Exit Stopper can have remote sounders linked to it using a cable to connect the two. There is no distance restriction to this.

How can existing fire doors that have no seals be updated to conform to regulations?

The Surface Mounted Fire and Smoke Seal kits can be used. They can be fitted to the door or the door frame. A double door kit is available, which means that the seals would need to be fitted to the doors rather than the door frame, so that the gap between the doors is covered.

Can a FD30 fire door be fitted with only one self closing hinge and two normal hinges?

It is generally recommended to have two self-closing hinges per door (top and bottom). The middle fire door hinge does not have to be self-closing.

Can you please explain the closing force rating for door closers?

The closing force rating, also called "power size," relates to the maximum width and weights of fire door that the door closer is suitable for. Please click this link to view our EN Size Guide table.

Is there an alternative method to secure a fire exit door that is used to gain entrance into a building other than using the push bar on the inside and key access from the outside which will prevent the door being left unlocked?

An alternative to the key operated knob device is to have a code lock handle device. Therefore the tenants would have to enter the four to ten digit code into the handle each time they required access back into the building. The door could also be fitted with a door closer to ensure that it clicks shut.

Can glass panic bolts still be used?

Currently there is no legislation related to glass panic bolts to say they cannot be used. However the glass replacement tubes do produce sharp edges. There is an alternative product that can be used which is ceramic and does not produce sharp edges when smashed.


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