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Fire Door Inspection

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Product Overview

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states the Responsible Person for non-domestic buildings must ensure fire doors and frames are correctly installed so they can effectively prevent the spread of fire. The integrity of a fire door is also affected by its hardware (e.g. hinges, closers, handles / locks). It can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the standards to determine whether a fire door is suitable, especially for buildings where older fire doors that were previously compliant have been installed and may have been modified or damaged over time.

For peace of mind, our qualified inspectors will assess your fire doors, frames and associated hardware to ensure they are fit for purpose and will provide adequate protection against the spread of fire. They will also provide a clear report detailing which doors are compliant and whether any further action is required.

  • Nationwide service carried out by 3rd party certified inspectors
  • Your fire door inspection will include:
    • A visit from our certified inspectors
    • Comprehensive inspection of your fire doors, frames and associated hardware
    • Identification of fire doors which are compliant and non-compliant
    • Full report detailing findings of the inspection and any further action required
  • Effective fire doors are a legal requirement for the majority of non-domestic premises
  • The door, frame, and hardware must all be considered to ensure compliance
  • Safelincs Fire Door Terms & Conditions apply

Please note: This service is for the inspection of existing fire doors to assess their compliance with current regulations and legislation. Should you require a different service, please view our other fire door services or speak to a member of our team.

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