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All Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights such as standard bulkhead luminaires

A range of maintained and non-maintained bulkhead lights, spotlights and exit signs for indoors and outdoors use.

From £20.40 inc VAT

Emergency Bulkhead Lights

Emergency Bulkhead Lights

Bulkhead lights designed to provide emergency lighting and illuminate escape routes during a power cut.

From £42.35 inc VAT

LED Emergency Lights

LED Emergency Lighting

Longlife LED emergency lighting and LED exit signs save maintenance costs and electricity. Excellent light output.

From £20.40 inc VAT

Switchable Emergency Lighting

More info about Switchable Emergency Lighting

Switchable lights are wired to normal light switches to provide lighting for the room, but will also provide emergency illumination in a power cut.

From £60.35 inc VAT

Emergency Twin Spot Lights

Emergency Spotlights

Twin spot emergency lighting is used in high or large areas such as warehouses, stadiums, train stations & high racked areas, etc.

From £47.27 inc VAT

Recessed Emergency Lighting

Recessed emergency lighting

Recessed emergency lighting will illuminate escape routes during a power cut while remaining unobtrusive.

From £20.40 inc VAT

Illuminated Fire Exit Signs

A wide range of illuminated fire exit signs, designed to stay on after a power failure.

A wide range of maintained and non-maintained illuminated fire exit signs, designed to stay on after a power failure.

From £30.11 inc VAT

Emergency Downlights

Emergency Downlighting

Small, unobtrusive emergency lighting designed to blend into stylish interiors. Excellent efficiency gives long battery life during loss of power.

From £20.40 inc VAT

Emergency Lighting with Sensors

Emergency Lighting with PIR Motion Detectors

A range of emergency lighting supplied with PIR motion detectors that will activate the light when movement is detected.

More Info

Outdoor Emergency Lights

Emergency Lighting suitable for outdoor use

Emergency lighting that carry an IP rating protecting them from water and dust ingress, making them suitable for outdoor use.

From £47.27 inc VAT

Designer Emergency Lighting

Stylish emergency lighting solutions with attractive designs

Our stylish emergency lighting solutions feature attractive designs that can fit in with most modern decor.

From £20.40 inc VAT

Round Emergency Lighting

A selection of round emergency lights

A selection of round emergency lights, from stylish designer options to rugged IP65 bulkheads.

From £20.40 inc VAT

Emergency Strip Lights

A range of strip lights with built-in batteries to provide emergency illumination

A range of strip lights with built-in batteries to provide emergency illumination.

From £96.95 inc VAT

Emergency Torches

Emergency Torches

A range of specialist torches designed to provide lighting during emergency situations.

From £21.59 inc VAT

Help & Advice

Emergency Lighting & Signs Help & Advice

A collection of helpful articles and guides designed to help you understand and chose the best products for your requirements.

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Product Videos

Emergency Lighting & Signs Product Videos

Videos which are designed to offer introductions, interactive solutions and overviews of our products.

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting provides immediate secondary lighting when the power supply to the normal lighting fails e.g. due to a fire. The minimum backup duration of emergency lighting as specified by regulations is generally between 1 and 3 hours. For more information on emergency lighting see our emergency lighting guide.


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