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Emergency Lighting Guides

Emergency lighting is an essential part of the health and safety provision of any building. Emergency lighting provides immediate secondary lighting when the power supply to the normal lighting fails and ensures that occupants can leave the building safely.

This guide has been designed to give an overview of emergency lighting and demonstrate how and where they can be used.

Introduction to Emergency Lighting

More info about Introduction to Emergency Lighting

An introduction to emergency lighting including the role it plays within fire safety and an overview of each type of emergency lighting.

Locating Your Emergency Lights

An overview showing where lights should be fitted in a premises Installing emergency lights in your premises is not just about showing users the fire exits. Lights must be carefully located to provide sufficient illumination according to the different areas of a premises and must conform to the latest legislation.

Emergency Lighting Planning

Before installing your emergency lighting system take a look at our helpful guide to make sure you have covered all the angles Planning your emergency lighting installation does not have to be confusing.  Whilst it can be easy to miss out important areas / locations in your premises, our helpful step by step guide will direct you in what to look out for and what needs to be addressed.

Testing Emergency Lighting

A guide as to the frequency and methods of testing your emergency lighting

Fitting an emergency lighting system in your premises is mandatory for most businesses. Ensuring that the right units are chosen and installed is only half of the job. Maintaining the units and ensuring continual compliance is an ongoing responsibility.  In this section we detail what you as the 'responsible person' are obliged to do.

Viewing Distances for Exit Signs

Ensuring your premises has appropriate fire escape route signs, fire exit signs and fire safety info signs is essential Escape route signs should be installed in a premises to indicate to users which directions to follow in the event of an emergency evacuation. All escape route and fire safety signs must conform to British Standards in order to be deemed safe, ensuring that the text, colour and images on signs are comprehensible from "safe" distances.

Emergency Lighting Reminders

Emergency Lighting Reminders

Let us help to remind you when to test your emergency lighting with our free SMS and email reminder service.


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