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Save money with LED Emergency Lighting

LED emergency lighting can offer huge cost savings over its lifespan compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs. With energy prices soaring, switching to LED lighting could save your business thousands of pounds. The upfront cost of LED emergency lighting has dropped substantially in the last few years and with the massive reduction in energy required to power this type of lighting, LED lighting is not only eco-friendly but also budget-friendly.

Most LED emergency lights have a wattage of only 5W compared to 21W for a traditional fluorescent equivalent. If we look at a switchable maintained unit that is turned on for 8 hours a day, an LED unit would use 2190 KWH of electricity as opposed to 9198 KWH for a traditional fluorescent unit. If we use a cost of £0.8 per KWH electricity (based on average business electricity rates for a medium size business), the LED lights would save you over £3000 every year in energy costs.

The table below illustrates the savings and includes a reduction in savings for year 1 due to the initial purchase price.


Purchase Cost

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Conventional Lighting Cost








LED Lighting Cost








Annual Saving








Accumulative Saving









Graph based on average price of electricity in September 2022. Illustration for 100 maintained switchable emergency lights that are turned on for 8 hours each day.


What are the benefits of LED lighting for businesses?

  • Huge potential cost savings cost for switchable maintained emergency lights
  • Far more energy efficient - reduces your carbon footprint
  • Flicker free – while not usually visible to the human eye, fluorescent bulbs flicker enough to cause headaches. LEDs do not flicker at all.
  • Mercury free – Unlike fluorescent lights, LEDs do not contain mercury, making them more environmentally friendly.
  • Directional lighting – A fluorescent bulb casts light in all directions, much of which will be wasted. LED lighting is more directional so can benefit from lower lumen output for the same result.


Save money when you switch to LED Emergency Lighting

Comparing the running costs of LED emergency lights in comparison to the traditional fluorescent equivalent will quickly demonstrate that you can make significant cost savings over the lifetime of the LED emergency light. 

Switching to LED emergency lighting means your business could be making savings from the first year. Please contact our support team on 0800 612 6537 or email for further help and advice.




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