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Emergency Lighting & Signs

Emergency Lighting and Signs FAQs

More info about Emergency Lighting and Signs FAQs View FAQs about emergency lights, fire exit and safety signs and related accessories.

Emergency Lighting Guides

Providing you with guidance to install a well layed out emergency lighting system Our guide provides an overview of our product range & highlights issues associated with planning emergency lighting systems.

Fire Safety Signs Guide

Interactive Guide about Fire Safety Signs Our interactive graphical guide shows clearly, where fire safety signage and marking is required and what types are suitable.

Euro vs BS Signs

More info about Euro vs BS Signs An article looking at the differences between British and European fire exit signs, and which type you should use.

Emergency Floodlight Guide

More info about Emergency Floodlight Guide

An article looking at where and why emergency floodlights are needed as well as the options available.

LED vs Traditional Lighting

More info about LED Emergency Lighting vs Traditional Emergency Lighting

LED lighting may be a little more expensive initially but as you will see they usually pay for themselves after just a few years.

Emergency Lighting Slave Units

More info about Emergency Lighting Slave Units An exploration of emergency lighting slave units, how they work and the strengths and weaknesses of central battery systems.

Maintained vs Non-Maintained Emergency Lights For Businesses

More info about Maintained vs Non-Maintained Emergency Lights For Businesses A helpful guide to maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting for businesses.


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