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Zerio Plus Wireless Optical Smoke Detector with Optional Integrated Sounder and Beacon

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£124.99 ex VAT
Product Overview

The Radio Optical Smoke Detector for Zerio Plus wireless fire alarm systems is powered by two lithium batteries and communicates with the control panel wirelessly, drastically reducing installation time and costs. Fully configurable from the control panel, including sensor sensitivity and address, all settings are stored permanently in the detector's built-in memory which will even survive total power loss. Sophisticated self-testing and complex error-checking minimise detector maintenance while providing peace of mind that the system is working correctly. The EDA-R5000 has an IP21 rating and is available as just a detector, with integrated sounder, or with both a sounder and beacon, making it ideal for any indoor installation.

  • Up to 5 year battery life provided by replaceable dual lithium cells
  • Optical detector for enhanced smoke detection
  • Sounder and Sounder-Beacon models available
  • IP21 rating for indoor use
  • Complex error-checking and automatic fault diagnostic reporting
  • Non-volatile memory protects configuration data from total power loss
  • High-intensity, two-colour LED for status indication
    • Alarm: solid red
    • Fault: flashing red
    • Log-on mode: solid green
  • Sensor sensitivity can be set from the panel after installation
  • Fully addressable for location reporting in the event of a fire or fault
  • All models comply with BS 5839 Part 1 and EN 54 Parts 7 & 25
  • Supplied with base and battery for easy installation
Compatible Devices

The tables below show all the units available from Safelincs that are compatible with this device.

Panels, Repeaters, & Remote Displays
Product Code
Type of unit
EDA-Z5008 8-Zone Control Panel
EDA-Z5020 20-Zone Control Panel
EDA-Z5100 100-Zone Control Panel

Detectors and Bases
Product Code
Type of unit
EDA-R5000 Optical Smoke Detector
EDA-R6000 Optical Smoke Detector with Sounder
EDA-R6030 Optical Smoke Detector with Sounder & Beacon
EDA-D5000 A1 Heat Detector
EDA-D6000 A1 Heat Detector with Sounder

Sounders and Beacons
Product Code
Type of unit
EDA-A6000 Open Area Sounder
EDA-A6030 Open Area Sounder with Beacon
EDA-A6060 LED Beacon

Manual Call Points
Product Code
Type of unit
EDA-C5000 Manual Call Point
Technical Data

Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Zerio Plus Wireless Optical Smoke Detector with Optional Integrated Sounder and Beacon.

Product Code
Detector Only EDA-R5000
Integrated Sounder EDA-R6000
Integrated Sounder-Beacon EDA-R6030
Weight 0.20kg
Operating Voltage Max.: 3.7V DC
Min.: 3.0V DC
Current Consumption Detector: 90µA (avg.) / 10mA (alarm)
With Sounder: 250µA (avg.) / 60mA (alarm)
With Sounder & Beacon: 10µA (avg.) / 60mA (alarm)
Radio Linking Frequency 868MHz
Operating Temperature 0°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions (HxDia) Detector: 45 x 115mm
With Sounder: 65 x 115mm
With Sounder & Alarm: 80 x 115mm
Sound Output 80dB at 1m
Flash Rate 1Hz
Warranty 1 year

Product Datasheets

The following datasheets are available for this product.

Pricing & Availability

Model Stock Price
Detector Only
Product Code: EDA-R5000
Stock Level:
Available to order Expected dispatch: 27th Nov

£149.99 inc VAT

£124.99 ex VAT

Integrated Sounder
Product Code: EDA-R6000
Stock Level:
This product is currently out of stockUnable to provide an estimated dispatch date

£275.99 inc VAT

£229.99 ex VAT

Integrated Sounder-Beacon
Product Code: EDA-R6030
Stock Level:
Available to order Expected dispatch: 27th Nov

£323.99 inc VAT

£269.99 ex VAT

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Expedited Delivery

£7.80 inc VAT - Delivered in 11 working days by DHL

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