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UltraGuard Personal Fire Protection System

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Product Overview

Endorsed by UK Fire and Rescue Services, the UltraGuard personal protection system is a self-contained and portable fire suppression system that protects vulnerable and elderly people within their own home. Designed to detect and suppress fires at their earliest stage, preventing the spread of fire and any potential fire and smoke related deaths. The system simply plugs into the nearest socket with no need to be plumbed in, as well as being able to operate during a mains power failure with its internal backup battery. UltraGuard is designed for persons who may have a reduced level of mobility or awareness, including those who may reside in conditions where the risk of fire is higher or the possible escape route may be hindered.

  • A personal firefighter in your own home
  • Suitable for:
    • Individuals with reduced mental and physical capabilities
    • Risk of fire is higher due to conditions of residence
    • Where escape routes may be blocked by other hazards
  • Only PPS system in the UK certified to LPS 1655: 2015 by the LPCB
  • Self-contained and portable - can be moved to where it is required
  • Quickly detects and suppresses fire in its early stages
  • Simply plugs into the nearest socket
  • 3 day battery backup in case of a mains power failure
  • Large 110 litre capacity of water mist extinguishant, with no need to be plumbed in
  • 10 minute continuous discharge time
  • Provides a suppression area of 16m²
  • Provides a fire control area of 32m²
  • Minimal damage to property, with the water mist extinguishant, when activated
  • Fitted with an auto dialler to notify up to 4 preferred nominees
How it Works

How it Works

The UltraGuard personal fire protection system consists of a self-contained and portable sprinkler suppression system, working in conjunction with two multi-sensor detectors. The multi-sensor detectors can be fitted in rooms where the person at risk, spends the majority of their time, and a room of high fire risk, if it is not the same room.

The detectors in the UltraGuard system activate upon detection of either smoke in the optical smoke chamber, rate of rise in temperature, or a mixture of both. The multi-sensors are designed to be less prone to false triggering due to the sensors working together to determine if there is a fire. Once activated, the sounders will sound and the system will trigger the discharge of water mist extinguishant for 10 minutes. The nozzle has been specifically developed to discharge a spray pattern and tiny water droplets capable of suppressing an area of 16m² and controlling an area of 32m². The discharge of mist over the room, covering a large surface area, cools the heat element and disrupts the oxygen helping to extinguish the fire and prevent reignition. During the 10 minutes of water mist discharge, it creates a survivable environment to either escape or to be able to stay where they are until assistance arrives.

The UltraGuard system is fitted with an auto dialler or alternatively the installation engineer can link it up to an existing ARC/Care-line system. A message is automatically sent when the system has triggered and will contact your preferred nominees with an automated message.


What is Legionella?

Legionella is the bacteria which is known for causing Legionnaires' disease. Naturally found widespread throughout natural water sources, such as ponds and rivers, it is more common to have an outbreak of the illness from overexposure from purpose-built systems where water is maintained at a temperature which encourages growth. These purpose-built systems can vary, both in work and domestic environments, including cooling towers, hot and cold water systems, and spa pools.

How is Legionella controlled in the UltraGuard system?

The UltraGuard personal protection system is a purpose-built water system which does require to be maintained. It is advised that the system is treated 6 monthly to ensure that the water is safe when it is discharged upon activation.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment is a course of EndoSan, which is a solution of hydrogen peroxide making it a powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant. When correctly applied to water, it will disinfect through an oxidisation process, eliminating micro-organisms and degrading into only water and oxygen without any harmful disinfection by-products (DBPs).

We would advise that the treatment / maintenance of the system is carried out by a trained person. For more information on this service, get in touch by email, or call us on 0800 612 6537.

Technical Data
Product Code SSUGPFPS
Brand Surefire Services Limited
Activation Alerts

Wireless Auto Dialler

Back-Up Battery

3 days standby


Two Multi-Sensor Detectors

Discharge Time

10 minutes

Extinguishing Agent

110 litres of water

Fire Control Area


Fire Suppression Area


Installation Time

Up to 3 hours

Legionella Control

Legionella Treatment included for initial installation

Weight 10.00kg
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