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Fire Safety Signs Guide

Fire safety signs are an essential element of fire protection to ensure that users know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Our interactive graphical guides show clearly where fire safety signage and markings are required, as well as what types are suitable.

Reception Areas

More info about Reception Areas The reception area is one of the most important areas in your building and should be a key information point for the fire safety message. Especially to visitors!

Stairways & Landings

More info about Stairways & Landings Stairways are part of the main emergency escape route. The common risks are: blocked with rubbish, boxes and furniture, bad signage and insufficient lighting in a full power loss.

Corridors & Communal Areas

More info about Corridors & Communal Areas Corridors are part of the main route to safety in an emergency and should be kept clear from obstruction at all times.

General Office Areas

More info about General Office Areas Unique risks specific to general office areas are: plug overloads, fire doors jammed open, waste bin fires, covering of heaters and blocked exits.

Warehouses & Factories

More info about Warehouses & Factories Warehouse and factory areas are usually prone to high risk and often include hot work and the use of flammable materials.

Science Laboratories

More info about Science Laboratories Research processes can involve chemicals, flammables, radioactive facilities and hot work. Ensuring these elements are clearly identified is important to personnel.

Kitchens & Catering Areas

More info about Kitchens & Catering Areas

Naked flames, the use of cooking oils and electrical equipment all contribute to an increased risk of a fire incident within commercial kitchens. Therefore it is very important that the correct signage is displayed.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

More info about Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

Many fires start at night, and signage in sleeping areas should reinforce correct safety behaviour. Clear fire exits and photoluminescent exit signs are paramount to fire safety in sleeping areas.

Disabled Users

More info about Disabled Users Legislation requires that organisations must make appropriate adjustments for those with disabilities. This includes people with mobility difficulties and the visually impaired.

Assembly Points

More info about Assembly Points Assembly point signs ensure that all occupants know where to assemble in the event of a fire. Organised assembly ensures accurate accounting for all personnel.


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