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Dorgard Fire Door Retainers

168 Customer Reviews
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Product Overview


Dorgard with FREE SHIPPING and free extended 5 Year Warranty from Safelincs.

The Dorgard is a safe and legal solution that allows you to hold your fire doors open safely, while automatically closing them in the event of a fire. This allows for better wheelchair access, ventilation and all-round convenience without jeopardising safety or breaking the law.

  • Free extended 5 year warranty from Safelincs
  • Free shipping
  • Dorgard now conforms to BS 7273-4:2007 Category B
  • Tested and certified to BS EN 1155:1997 & BS EN 1634
  • Suitable for 120 minute fire doors up to EN power size 7
  • Easy to follow self installation in under five minutes
  • Dorgard is entirely wireless and self contained
  • No need to hard wire into the building's fire alarm system - saves on installation time, costs and mess
  • Battery operated, supplied with 2 x C size alkaline batteries 
  • Works with your existing fire alarm system
  • Can hold the door open in any selected angle
  • Dorgard automatically releases the fire door upon hearing the fire alarm
  • Installed in schools, hospitals nursing homes and many other public buildings
  • Dorgard kit contents
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Smart, unobtrusive design available in a choice of black, white and red
  • Easy foot-operated setting and release
  • Automatic night-time release feature
  • Improves access for wheelchair users in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

Dorgard has a rubber plunger/stopper which remains in contact with the floor and, unlike magnetic fire door retainers, can hold the door open in any selected position. When a fire alarm sounds, the integral audio-electronic device inside the Dorgard signals the plunger to retract, allowing the fire door close normally (Dorgard will release after approximately 14 seconds). Dorgard is battery powered, so there is no need for complex and expensive wiring into the building's fire alarm system. This means that the Dorgard can be installed and operated alongside any existing fire alarm system currently in place. Please note that your alarm's sound level has to be higher than 65dB at the location of the door to ensure that the Dorgard is able to pick the alarm up. This is also the required alarm sound level for populated areas according to BS5839-1:2002 (Clause 16.2).

Animation showing how the Dorgard works
Technical Diagram
Diagram showing the Dorgard dimensions
Overall Dorgard height: 205mm
Dorgard main casing height: 153mm
Dorgard width: 195mm
Dorgard depth: 45mm
Plunger / Stopper travel: 20mm
Packed Dorgard kit weight 940g
Casing material ABS
Battery: 2 x C alkaline
Battery life expectancy +12 months

Dorgard Technical Diagram

Technical digram showing the individual parts of the Dorgard unit

Dorgard Floorplate:

The Dorgard floorplate is designed for use with an installed Dorgard and is fitted to the floor using 4 screws.

Fire doors weighing more than 120Kg, which have a closing force in excess of 120nm (that is a force of about 15kg, 800mm from the hinge) must have the floorplate installed in combination with the Dorgard unit. Dorgard can hold a fire door open safely without the floor plate installation if the fire doors weight and closing force are less than that above.

Installing a Dorgard floorplate is recommended when:

  • Your fire door has a powerful overhead door closer and the fire door tends to creep closed even with a Dorgard fitted.
  • The floor is slippery or has a very smooth surface and the fire door tends to creep closed even with a Dorgard fitted.


Technical Data

Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Dorgard Fire Door Retainers .

Product Code
Black FCDG01BK
White FCDG01WH
Black 0.94kg
Red 0.94kg
White 0.94kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 205x195x45mm
Battery Type 2 x C size Alkaline
BS7273-4 Category Category C

Product Datasheets

The following datasheets are available for this product.

FAQs (18)
Q. Will the Dorgard release automatically at night?

Yes, if set to do so. There are three timed setting options for night time release which the installer can select prior to installation. Batteries to activate the internal clock in the Dorgard must be inserted at 12.00hrs (midday) and the night time settings can then be selected and set accordingly. The Dorgard will then release each night at the pre-determined time.

Q. Where Dorgards have been fitted should employees be made aware of them?

Employees should be informed about Dorgard and instructed on its use and operation and include it in the workplace fire routine.

Q. Does a fire alarm audibility test need to be carried out before fitting Dorgard?

As Dorgard is an audio sensing device that can be adjusted within certain limits, it is not necessary to carry out a test before the installation. If the Dorgard cannot detect the alarm to respond to it the likelihood is that the alarm is not sounding at the minimum level required by BS 5839 which should alert the user to a problem with the alarm system that will require remedial action.

Q. Can the Dorgard test itself?

A self-test routine is run every seven days by the Dorgard. The plunger is released, closing the door and the unit will emit a warning alarm if a fault is detected.

Q. Will the closing of a fire door by a Dorgard affect other units by restricting the sound of the fire alarm through the closed door?

No, the operation of the Dorgard, or the ability to hear the fire alarm, should not be affected provided the sound level stated in BS5839 is adhered to throughout the building. Dorgards can be adjusted if the sound level does drop slightly within performance limits.

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Customer Reviews

168 customers have have given this product an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5

Reviews by real customers

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Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: S N

Easy to install and works well.

Published on: 8th February 2020

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: N O

Good product and reliable

Published on: 23rd January 2019

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: J W

easy to fit and very good quality product

Published on: 26th June 2018

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: P G

Excellent Product Very easy to install, great product. Will definitely use again. Great service from Safelincs.

Published on: 16th May 2018

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: T H

Neat product. Easy to close . Thank you Hopefully will not need it in a real fire situation.

Published on: 8th May 2018

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: C W

fairly discrete safety product

Published on: 1st May 2018

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: M W

Easy to install and use

Published on: 24th April 2018

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: E M

Good quality item

Published on: 23rd April 2018

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: A S

Easy to fit and tweak to suit fire alarm sound level.

Published on: 3rd April 2018

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: C K

Excellent product and delivery service

Published on: 5th March 2018

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