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Purchases & Delivery FAQs

Why can't I see the prices on your website?

We are using 'cookies' to operate our shopping cart systems. If your browser settings are set at too high a security setting, your computer might not allow the 'cookies'. Please allow temporarily the usage of cookies while you are browsing our website. Alternatively, please ring us and place an order over the phone. Our cookies contain only information about the shopping cart!

I don't live in the UK. What can I do?

Please e-mail our sales staff at with your request and we will quote you a price including any related export costs and with the relevant tax codes.

Can I return my purchased products under any circumstances?

We strive to give you full satisfaction and will always try to act according to your wishes. We are accepting cancellations up to 30 days from your receipt of goods and you can return up to 14 days following the cancellation. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details. However, there are some restrictions linked to the nature of some of our safety products.

Who pays for the return of the products?

The cost for the return is carried by the customer.

When do I receive my refund?

As soon as we receive the goods, we will check the state of the goods and will then refund you.

Will I receive a full refund?

Yes. You will be refunded the full amount paid to us by yourself. The only exception is the cost for special delivery charges we might have paid if you have requested special delivery.

Can schools and other public sector bodies set up an account?

Yes, all public sector bodies are welcome to set up an account with us. On receipt of an official purchase order a 30 day account will automatically be set up for you. Purchase orders can be emailed to: Once the purchase order has been received the goods will be dispatched to you and an invoice will be sent payable within 30 days.

We are a retailer and would be interested in selling your products. What can you offer?

We offer wholesale supply to resellers and installers. If you want to benefit from this volume supply at reduced prices, please send an e-mail to our trade team stating the type of products and volumes you are interested in. We will then provide trade price lists and the opportunity to apply for credit accounts. Please note that the first three orders have to be pre-paid.


(doc:539 V1.0). Our articles are reviewed regularly. However, any changes made to standards or legislation following the review date will not have been considered. Please note that we provide abridged, easy-to-understand guidance. To make detailed decisions about your fire safety provisions, you might require further advice or need to consult the full standards and legislation.