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Fire Extinguishers for Warehouses

In most warehouses there will be large amounts of packaging and the possibility of some electrical equipment. As warehouses are usually larger areas than most rooms it is usually recommended to install larger extinguishers to cover more space.

Fire extinguishers suitable for warehouses

P50 Foam Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

As the contents of warehouses is often varied, an extinguisher to cover multiple fire risks is essential. P50 Foam Fire Extinguishers are highly effective at fighting fires fuelled by solid combustibles and also flammable liquid fires such as petrol, diesel and parrafin. Unlike some other foam extinguishers, P50 Foam Extinguishers are dielectrically tested, making them safe to use on live electrical equipment such as manufacturing equipment or lighting (up to 1kv electricity from 1m distance).

The P50 Foam Service-Free Fire Extinguisher can be used as a replacement for a traditional foam and CO2, or Water and CO2 combination. They are also ''service-free'', meaning they do not require servicing annually by a technician. Switching to P50 extinguishers could save you up to 50% on the cost of your fire extinguishers.

Fire Classification

P50 Foam Fire Extinguishers are suitable for use on the following types of fire.


Foam and CO2 Fire Extinguisher Combination

Traditionally, a foam extinguisher coupled with a CO2 extinguisher has been used as an effective fire fighting combination in most warehouse environments. CO2 is effective at tackling electrical fires, whilst foam provides general coverage for class A (e.g. wood, paper) and class B (flammable liquids) fires. It is not however advisable to use a CO2 fire extinguisher in confined spaces with limited air flow.

This combination can now be replaced by the P50 Foam Fire Extinguisher due to it being safe for use on live electrical equipment (up to 1kv) and having superior fire fighting qualities.

Fire Classification

CO2 fire extinguisher are suitable for use on the following types of fire.


Foam Fire Extinguishers are suitable for use on the following types of fire (suitable for electrical use only if they have been dielectrically tested.)


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