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Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

Britannia's service-free fire extinguishers do not require maintenance by an extinguisher engineer or a discharge test over their entire 10 year lifespan, which offers businesses and organisations massive savings.

The extinguishers are kitemarked, CE marked and supplied with a 10 year warranty (after 10 years the extinguishers can be refurbished for another 10 years service-free life). We take care of everything and the price includes: a free site survey, extinguisher installation, extinguisher ID sign and bracket, the certification and some quick training to show you and your staff how to look after the extinguishers.

Service-Free 6ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 34A, 183B
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Available with anti-freeze for low temperature environments
  • Manufactured in the UK
16 Customer Reviews

£155.99 inc VAT

£129.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 6kg Powder Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 34A, 183B & C
  • Kitemarked by BSI to EN3
  • Includes installation and certification by a trained engineer
  • Manufactured in the UK
4 Customer Reviews

£155.99 inc VAT

£129.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 2ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 13A, 55B
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment - up to 1000V
  • Manufactured in the UK
15 Customer Reviews

1 unit

£47.99 inc VAT

£39.99 ex VAT

2+ units

£47.03 inc VAT

£39.19 ex VAT

5+ units

£45.59 inc VAT

£37.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 2kg Powder Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 13A, 55B & C
  • Kitemarked by BSI to EN3
  • Ideal vehicle extinguisher - requires no annual servicing
  • Manufactured in the UK
4 Customer Reviews

1 unit

£47.99 inc VAT

£39.99 ex VAT

2+ units

£47.03 inc VAT

£39.19 ex VAT

5+ units

£45.59 inc VAT

£37.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 6ltr Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 75F
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Safe for use around electrical equipment
  • Site survey, installation and certification included
  • Manufactured in the UK
1 Customer Reviews

£203.99 inc VAT

£169.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 9ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 43A, 233B
  • Service-free fire extinguisher
  • Over 2kg lighter than standard 9ltr foam extinguishers
  • Manufactured in the UK

£203.99 inc VAT

£169.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 9kg Powder Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 55A, 233B & C
  • Over 2kg lighter than standard 9kg powder extinguishers
  • Corrosion-proof design
  • 10 year warranty

£203.99 inc VAT

£169.99 ex VAT

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Service-Free 2ltr Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 5A, 8B, C, 5F
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V
  • Manufactured in the UK

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Service-Free 6ltr Water Mist Fire Extinguisher - Britannia P50

  • Extinguisher Rating: 13A, 21B, C, & F
  • Unique corrosion-proof construction
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V
  • No annual engineer call-out required

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No Annual Service Engineer Costs

The Britannia P50 extinguishers can be maintained easily by any person following a simple 3 step process.

Kitemarked by BSI

Britannia P50 extinguishers are CE marked and have gained the BSI kitemark to BS EN3, the British and European standard for fire extinguishers.

10 Year Warranty

Britannia P50 extinguishers are supplied with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Constructed using an Aramid core and proven quality components these extinguisher are corrosion-proof. We also offer refurbishment after the 10 years lifespan which will create another 10 year lifespan after the refurb.

Free Shipping & Installation

The extinguishers are shipped free of charge and will be installed and commissioned by one of our certified engineers at your site (within 2-4 weeks of your order). We also provide a free site survey ensuring that you have the correct extinguishers installed throughout your premises. The engineer will also issue training to you or your staff on the simple yearly visual inspection required. Find out more

Free Replacement Guarantee

If you have to use your Britannia P50 extinguisher on a fire we will replace or refurbish it free of charge within 7 days of receiving your fire service incident number.

Recyclable Extinguishers

Britannia P50 extinguishers are recyclable. They can also be factory refurbished after use or after the 10 year lifespan.

Save up to £360 inc VAT per fire extinguisher

Cost of purchasing and maintaining a single fire extinguisher over a 10 year period*

A standard fire extinguisher
A P50 fire extinguisher

*The standard extinguisher costs are based on purchasing and maintaining a 9kg powder fire extinguisher for a period of 10 years.

Some of our P50 customers

Some of our customers that have converted to using P50 fire extinguishers to protect their business.

P50 Construction

1. Stainless steel handle and pin

The handle and safety pin used on P50 extinguishers are designed to last for the entire 20 year life cycle of the units and are made of high strength stainless steel. Every possible precaution has been taken to ensure P50 extinguishers are the most durable fire extinguisher available.

2. Dual pressure indicators

P50 fire extinguishers have been fitted with a unique second indicator gauge which provides complete reassurance by allowing users to verify each pressure gauge against the other. This exclusive feature is just one of a number of innovations used in the construction of P50 extinguishers that make them one of the most reliable extinguishers on the market.

3. Brass head assembly

The brass head assembly on P50 extinguishers is precision manufactured and then nickel plated for extra protection and a aesthetically pleasing finish. These highly durable materials ensure strength and peace of mind and eliminates corrosion.

4. Super strong Aramid inner core

The innovative aramid fibre weave used in the construction of the inner core of P50 extinguishers creates an incredibly strong durable and lightweight cylinder. Aramid is one of the toughest composite materials known to man and is durable enough to be used in applications as diverse as bulletproof vests, fireproof gloves and tow ropes.

The extinguishers have undergone extensive testing including a comprehensive 12,000 cycle pressure test as well as a safety test where the recommended pressure tolerance is exceeded by more than double the working pressure of the extinguisher without rupturing the cylinder.

5. Durable hose and stainless fixings

The hose on P50 extinguishers is fitted with durable stainless steel fixings and the hose itself has a proven lifespan of 25 years meaning you will never have to replace it.

6. Fire retardant, UV protected polyethylene outer body

The plastic outer shell of P50 extinguishers has been rigorously tested to ensure that it provides durability in even the most hostile environments. The shell is UV resistant and corrosion-proof which means the extinguisher is protected against scratching, chipping or rusting, eliminating some of the most common reasons for standard extinguishers to be condemned.

3 Step Maintenance Process

Inspection Video Guide

Our helpful video will guide you through the inspection process to ensure your extinguishers are in full working order.

The steps in the video have been approved by the manufacturer and are consistent with their recommended inspection instructions.

3 Simple Step Maintenance Process

P50 extinguishers can be visually inspected easily by any person following the manufacturer's simple visual inspection instructions. The annual visual check is then simply recorded on the back of the extinguisher (using a permanent marker) and in the company's fire log book.

Step 1 - Annual visual inspection

Visually inspect the extinguisher, checking for any signs of tampering or damage and ensure that the tamper seal is still in place. Using a clean cloth remove any dust and dirt that may have built up on the extinguisher's body.

Step 2 - Check the manufacturing date

Check the manufacturing date of the extinguisher, this is either indicated by the coloured plug in the side of the nozzle holder or printed on the underneath of the extinguisher.

Step 3 - Check the pressure indicators

Visually check that the needles in both pressure indicators are in the green. Hold a magnet underneath the front pressure indicator (located directly under the safety pin) and move it from side to side so that the needle follows it. Release the magnet and ensure that the needle returns to the green area of the indicator.

Please Note: If one of the indicator needles is in the RED section, notify us and we will replace the extinguisher on a 7 day replacement service free of charge. P50 extinguishers, just like every other extinguisher, must be visually inspected by yourself throughout the year for damage or discharge. We recommend that you inform your insurance about your new extinguisher maintenance regime and they will add a note to their files.


We have collected some typically asked questions for you. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly and our friendly customer care team will do their best to help you with your query as accurately as possible.

Q. Do I have to throw away the extinguisher after 10 years?

A. No, we factory refurb the P50 extinguishers after 10 years (or if they get discharged before then). This costs currently £120+VAT which includes exchange of the extinguishers with an already refurbished unit at your premises. The refurbished extinguishers then have another 10 year life.

Q. How can the foam extinguisher and powder possibly last 10 years? All other extinguishers require re-filling after 5 years?

A. The foam is supplied pre-mixed and is certified to last in the P50 extinguishers for at least 10 years. The same applies for the powder. Most manufacturers of extinguishing agents will not guarantee their products if used in traditional steel extinguishers, as the risk of corrosion and interaction with the extinguisher cylinder is too high. Our extinguishers are made of composite plastic and can not corrode.

Q. How do I know where to place my extinguishers if the extinguishers do not need a servicing engineer?

When you purchase your P50 extinguishers, we will send a fully qualified extinguisher engineer to your premises free of charge. The engineer will carry out a site survey to ensure you are suitably covered, install your extinguishers for you and show you how to visually inspect the extinguishers. At the end the engineer will issue you with a certificate.

Q. Can everybody carry out the yearly visual inspection?

A. As long as the person asked to carry out the inspection has read the instructions on the side of the extinguisher and has access to the company’s fire safety log, he/she will be able to carry out the inspection. The extinguisher engineer sent by us free of charge for the installation will also train you in the visual inspection. We have also posted an online video showing the simple steps of inspecting the extinguishers.

Q. Can the extinguisher be damaged by light (UV)?

A. No, the outer sleeve is UV protected and will protect the functional Kevlar core from any light damage

Q. Will my insurance accept the Britannia P50 extinguishers?

A. Yes. Whilst we obviously cannot answer for all insurance companies we have spoken with most insurance companies who have all approved the P50 extinguishers. We recommend, however, that you notify your insurance about your new extinguisher maintenance regime.

Q. How do I change my extinguisher cover to Britannia P50's?

A. If you currently have powder or foam extinguishers they can be replaced like for like (as long as the fire ratings on the P50 extinguishers are equivalent or higher than your current extinguishers). If you have CO2 extinguishers, these can be replaced by Britannia P50 foam extinguishers. Don’t worry too much, though – Our engineers will survey your premises when they are coming to install the Britannia P50 extinguishers to make sure that you are adequately covered. They will even certify in writing that the extinguishers installed are correctly installed and offer sufficient cover as well as showing you the service free checks required. And all of this free of charge.

Q. What do I need to tell my insurance?

A. We would recommend that you inform your insurance company of the extinguisher changeover in writing and would suggest you post the following statement to them: "We would like to notify you with regards to a change in our fire safety provisions. With effect from… our portable fire extinguishers are no longer subject to an annual check by a third party, as we have replaced them with the new EN3 certified P50 extinguishers from Britannia which will be self-maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The extinguishers have a warranty of 10 years. We will be carrying out the self-maintenance specified by the manufacturer and will document each self-maintenance in our fire safety logbook".

Q. You are only supplying foam and powder extinguishers. What happens if I currently also have CO2 fire extinguishers?

A. CO2 fire extinguishers have a B rating (suitable for flammable liquids such as petrol and oil). You need to add the ratings of your current extinguisher cover together (all A ratings, all B ratings) and then ensure that you achieve the same or even a higher rating with the P50 extinguishers. P50 extinguishers have the following ratings:

  • 6ltr Foam: 27A 183B
  • 6kg Powder: 43A 183B C
CO2 extinguishers of course also cover electrical risks. However, our P50 foam extinguishers are safe on electrical fires and will deal with the issue of burning plastic or liquefying plastics created by burning cables and electronic components extremely well.

Q. Do I not HAVE to install CO2 extinguishers?

A. No, while CO2 extinguishers are of course very handy for electronic equipment such as computers, the P50 fire extinguishers focus on ensuring extinguisher cover compliance and to satisfy the findings from your fire risk assessment. You can cover all your business risks with the Britannia P50 extinguishers with the exception of deep fat fryers (F rating).

Q. CO2 fire extinguishers are also suitable for electrical equipment. What do I use instead?

A. Both our foam and powder extinguishers can be safely used on electrical fires. To avoid powder being spread over expensive electronic equipment we would recommend our P50 foam extinguisher on computers and other electronic equipment. See the video

Q. Can I refill a Britannia P50 extinguisher if it has been discharged?

A. Yes, the P50 extinguishers can be factory refurbished. Please contact us if your extinguisher has been discharged or if your extinguisher needs refurbishing after 10 years. The cost currently is £120+VAT. This price includes collection and re-delivery by courier from and to your premises. If the extinguisher has been used on a fire you will receive a free replacement or refurb from us. Just send us the fire brigade’s incidence report and we will exchange your extinguisher.

Q. Are the extinguishers going to melt in a fire?

A. The Britannia P50 extinguishers have had the same fire / flame test as standard extinguishers.

Q. Why are these extinguishers maintenance-free? Why don’t they need servicing?

A. All components chosen by Britannia are either stainless, brass or composite plastics which will not corrode. Britannia has through decades of experience proven the durability of their hoses and plastic components. There is hence no need to replace any components or check for corrosion during the ten year life cycle of the extinguishers

Q. The foam extinguisher has an electrical sign on the label, can the extinguisher be used to extinguish electrical fires or is it just a message to say that contact with electricity is ok up to the 1000V stated?

A. The extinguisher has been tested with the di-electrical test which confirms that use of the extinguisher on electrical equipment is safe, even up to 35000V. Electrical fires are largely made up of burning cables and plastic components, which are very well extinguished with our foam extinguishers. Nevertheless do we recommend that the power is switched off, where possible, before an attempt is made to extinguish an electrical fire.

Q. What happens if an extinguisher needs replacing following a fire?

A. Safelincs will arrange the swap-out of your extinguisher for free. Just send us your fire service incident report.

Q. I need a couple of foam extinguishers and have seen you service free extinguishers. I have checked my building insurance and it states that the extinguishers in my building need to be maintained yearly by a competent person. Have these extinguishers been approved by the insurance companies? If so that's great and I will have a couple. Just don't want this back firing if something was to happen and the insurance company asks to see my service certificate

A. All the insurances we have spoken to have approved the extinguishers. The relevant sections in the extinguisher servicing standard BS5306-3:2009 state that a competent person needs to maintain all extinguishers and that such a competent person is primarily defined by having the ability to carry out the procedures as defined by the manufacturer. The manufacturer Britannia Fire clearly states that only a visual inspection is required and in fact allowed. The attempt to change anything on the extinguishers would invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. The Britannia extinguishers are best compared with a modern quality car, where the first service is only required after many thousand miles and where any attempt to service the car beforehand would invalidate the warranty. In analogy to the extinguisher the car owner only looks out for warning lights on the dashboard and does not need to lift the bonnet. When you purchase the Britannia extinguishers from us one of our BAFE registered extinguisher engineers will visit you and install the extinguishers free of charge. They also ensure that you are suitably covered in accordance to the relevant British standards. The engineers will also issue you an installation certificate and will give you training to ensure that you are able to carry out the yearly visual inspection. Following this instruction you will be deemed competent to maintain the Britannia P50 extinguishers

Q. Are the P50 extinguishers suitable for outdoor use in the cold?

A. The powder extinguisher can be used down to -20 degree Celsius. If you require a foam extinguisher, select the P50 foam extinguisher with antifreeze, which allows use down to -10 degrees Celsius. This version has antifreeze added at the Britannia factory.


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