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P50 Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

What are P50 Extinguishers?

What are P50 fire extinguishers?

Read about P50 service-free fire extinguishers and how they can save you money.

Are P50 Extinguishers Legal?

Are P50 fire extinguishers legal?

Read our guide to P50 extinguishers and legal requirements.

How are P50 Extinguishers Different?

P50 service-free fire extinguisher features

Read about the differences between P50 fire extinguishers and traditional metal extinguishers.

How are P50 Extinguishers Installed?

More info about How are P50 Extinguishers Sold, Installed and Commissioned?

Read about P50 site surveys, requirements, installation and commissioning.

How to Look After P50 Extinguishers

How to look after P50 fire extinguishers

Read our guide on how to look after P50 extinguishers to ensure they stay in working order.

Transitioning to P50 Extinguishers

Transitioning to P50 fire extinguishers

Read about how we can help you transition to P50 service-free fire extinguishers.

Which Companies use P50 Extinguishers?

Companies that use P50 fire extinguishers

See which companies have already transitioned to P50 fire extinguishers.


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