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Dorgard Fire Door Retainer Installation

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Product Overview

In order to provide proper compartmentation of a building, fire doors need to remain shut to block the spread of fire and smoke, and facilitate a smooth evacuation. The weight of fire doors can however make the opening of them inconvenient in high traffic areas such as hospitals and restaurants. Using objects to wedge fire doors open is illegal, however the use of fire door retainers and holders such as the Dorgard allows doors to remain open legally during normal use, but also allow them to close in the event of a fire by reacting to the building's fire alarm system.

The professional installation of Dorgard Fire Door Retainers offered by Safelincs provides maximum convenience in high traffic areas of buildings, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations for both fire doors and electronic hold-open devices.

  • Carried out by trained and experienced engineers
  • Ensures compliance with BS EN 1155:1997 and relevant Fire Door regulations
  • Includes siting and installation of Dorgard Fire Door Retainers
  • Allows ease of movement throughout a building for elderly residents or those with limited mobility
  • Provides convenience in high-traffic areas of buildings

Please note: This service is for installation only – Dorgard Fire Door Retainers must be purchased separately.

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Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Reviewed by: P B

Work fine

Published on: 11th October 2021

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