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P50 MED Service-Free 6ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher

Discontinued Product

This AFFF foam extinguisher has been discontinued as part of our ongoing mission at the forefront of fire safety and sustainability.

alternative product

These MED Approved and Kitemarked extinguishers do not need annual servicing by an extinguisher company and are fitted with Schrader valves for easy refilling.

  • Extinguisher Rating: 43A, 233B, C
  • Service-free fire extinguisher - fitted with Schrader valve
  • MED Approved 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Price includes site survey, install and commissioning

£182.39 inc VAT

£151.99 ex VAT

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Product Overview

Britannia's MED approved 6 ltr foam fire extinguisher is a service-free fire extinguisher, fitted with a Schrader valve to allow easy re-filling and re-pressuring of the unit. A part of the Britannia Fireworld P50 range, the unit is corrosion-resistant, has a stronger and more durable shell than a traditional steel extinguisher and has ratings far superior to even a traditional steel 9ltr foam unit. There is also an anti-freeze version suitable for installation in particularly harsh environments.

  • Free site survey and installation by certified engineers with every P50 extinguisher. Once you have placed the order we will contact you to arrange a date for the free delivery, free site survey, free installation and free certification / training (within 2-4 weeks). Find out more.
  • Free Certification by extinguisher engineer at installation
  • Extinguisher Rating 34A 183B - far surpasses standard 6ltr / 9ltr foams
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • 10 Year savings on engineer's charges
  • No refill after five years required
  • Low temperature 'Anti-freeze' version available (rating 13A 183B)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000 V at a distance of 1m
  • MED Approved
  • Boat safety scheme approved
  • Schrader valve allows easy re-filling and re-pressurising
  • Eco-friendly - all components recyclable
  • Can be factory refurbished after use or at the end of its 10 year life to give another 10 year lifespan. This service costs currently £80 ex VAT including collection and re-delivery from and to your premises.
  • UV Protected
  • Super strength composite construction
  • Over 1kg lighter than a standard 6ltr foam extinguisher
  • Supplied with wall bracket
  • Free 'after fire replacement'

Please Note: AFFF foam fire extinguishers contain substances that are a risk to the environment and to human health. The use of all AFFF foam extinguishers will soon be subject to regulations and all AFFF foam extinguishers will be prohibited by law in the next few years. Purchasing a P50 Service-Free Foam Extinguisher now means it will need to be replaced before the end of its lifespan. Whilst Safelincs are still offering the P50 Foam Extinguishers for sale, we strongly advise customers to consider the P50 MED Service-Free Powder Fire Extinguisher as a suitable alternative.

Free Installation

Safelincs offer a free installation service as well as a free site survey with each 6kg/ltr and 9kg/ltr P50 service-free fire extinguisher purchase, available at extra cost for 2kg/ltr models. Please be advised that prior to installation, we shall ask for your Asbestos Report relating to your premises. If this is something you are unable to provide, we shall ask if the building was built before the year 2000. Please note that if we do not receive this information, we would advise to purchase the P50 Stand as our engineers will not be able to drill on your premises at the time of the visit.

The process is quick and simple, here is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Site Survey: After placing your order we will contact you to arrange your site survey, which will be carried out by one of our certified service engineers. This will identify if your selected extinguishers will provide your property with the correct coverage. Due to the very high ratings of the P50, it is often possible to reduce the number of extinguishers you have on your premises. This site survey will highlight this and we will suggest that you amend your order accordingly, which will save you money.
  2. Installation: We will contact you and book a convenient time with you to install your P50 service-free fire extinguishers. The installation includes wall brackets and wall hanging each extinguisher. If you require stands for your extinguishers instead, we can supply these for you at an additional cost. Please let the engineer know at the time of the site survey.
  3. Certification: Once all extinguishers are installed the service engineer will complete all documentation and certification of your P50 fire extinguishers for you. A signature confirming the completion of the work will be required for this certification. We will also issue you with a letter for your insurance company to inform them of the change in your fire extinguisher provision, ensuring that you remain compliant.
  4. Training of the visual inspection: We will train your staff how to carry out the simple annual visual inspection of your P50 service-free fire extinguishers. Please note that, like for any extinguisher, you still need to do a simple monthly check to ensure that the extinguishers are in the right place, fully charged and undamaged. All visual inspections should be recorded in your log book. Here is a simple free online fire safety log book.
  5. Aftercare: With our award-winning customer service you can rest assured that we will always be here if you have any questions or queries about your P50 service-free fire extinguishers.

Technical Data
Product Code

MED Foam Fire Extinguisher:  BEFW6FMAS

MED Foam Fire Extinguisher With Anti-Freeze:  BEFW6FMAFAS

Brand Britannia Fire

6 litre

Dimensions (HxDia)

570 x 178mm

Discharge Range (min)

4 metres

Discharge Time

40 sec

Extinguisher Agent


Extinguisher ID Sign


Manufacturer Part Number


Operating Temperature

AFFF Foam: 5 to 60°C

AFFF Foam with anti-freeze: -5 to 60°C


8.5 kg

Working Pressure

12 bar at 20°C

Weight 8.50kg
Product Datasheets

Key Product Features

Super strength composite construction provides durability and corrosion resistance

Nickel-plated brass head assembly with double pressure gauge system built-in

A rating of 34A and 183B plus di-electrical testing far surpasses standard 6ltr foams

The P50 6ltr Foam is also available with anti-freeze for colder environments

MED Approved

This product is approved by the Marine Equipment Directive and is marked with the MED ship's wheel logo - More info

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