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4Ah Ni-Cd Cell Spare Batteries

From: 8.79 ex VAT
(10.55 inc VAT)
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This range of batteries is available in five versions and is suitable for emergency lighting applications. The units are all 4Ah high temp and come complete with leads.

Available Models:

  • 2.4V Side by side (compact)
  • 2.4V Stick
  • 3.6V Stick
  • 4.8V Stick
  • 6.0V Stick

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Pricing & Availability

Model Stock Levels Prices Weight
2.4V Side by Side (Compact)
Product Code: RL-BAT020
In Stock

8.79 ex VAT

(10.55 inc VAT)


2.4V Stick
Product Code: RL-BAT001/L
Lead Time: 2–4 days

8.79 ex VAT

(10.55 inc VAT)


3.6V Stick
Product Code: RL-BAT002/L
In Stock

13.39 ex VAT

(16.07 inc VAT)


4.8V Stick
Product Code: RL-BAT003/L
Lead Time: 2–4 days

17.39 ex VAT

(20.87 inc VAT)


6.0V Stick
Product Code: RL-BAT005/L
Lead Time: 2–4 days

20.39 ex VAT

(24.47 inc VAT)


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