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Easichange Replacement Smoke Alarm for Ei151, Ei151TL, Ei151TLH, Ei150

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Product Overview

The easichange Ei151EK replacement detector kit has been specifically designed to allow an Ei150, Ei151, Ei151TL, Ei151TLH ionisation smoke alarm head (the main and most visible part of the smoke alarm containing the sensor and the electronics) to be replaced at the end of its life without the need of an electrician. The kit is a genuine Ei Electronics product and contains the alarm head, a removal tool and the simple guidance required to quickly and safely replace your smoke alarm head. The smoke alarm base with the wiring is left on the ceiling in this process.

  • Genuine Ei151 replacement ionisation smoke alarm head manufacturedby Ei Electronics
  • Rechargeable lithium back-up battery (included)
  • Test and Hush (silence) buttons
  • Supplied complete with removal tool
  • 5 year warranty
  • Kitemarked to BS EN 14604:2005
  • Suitable for installations complying to BS 5839-6: 2013 Grade D, E and F
  • CE marked

The simple installation process of the easichange replacements kits negates the need of an electrician.

Technical Data

This is the technical data for the Easichange Replacement Smoke Alarm for Ei151, Ei151TL, Ei151TLH, Ei150.

Product Code EI151EK
Weight 0.21kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 140x120x46mm
Back-Up Battery Rechargeable lithium cells
Sound Output 85dB (minimum) at 3m
Temperature Range 0° to 40°C
Humidity Range 15% to 95% Relative Humidity

Technical Data Sheets

The following technical data sheets are available for this product:

FAQs (2)

Q. Which alarm should I buy to replace my EI151 and EI156 interconnected alarms, the replacement models EI151TL and EI156TLH or the or the 'Easichange' replacement kits?

A. The Easichange replacement kits would be suitable for your requirements. The kit allows the base plate to stay in place enabling you to replace the units without an electrician.

Q. Which alarm will replace my obsolete Ei131 smoke alarm?

A. The Ei151TL is the replacement for the Ei131. The base will also have to be replaced.

Pricing & Availability

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Product Code: EI151EK
In Stock

£30.19 ex VAT

£36.23 inc VAT


Customer Reviews

90 customers have rated this product and it has an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5

All reviews are written by real customers that have purchased the product from us. We publish all reviews, even the bad ones!

Reviewed by: MM

28th March 2015

Great replacement for old smoke alarm Our existing 20 year old smoke alarms were continually being set off by the slightest whiff of smoke from cooking, and even steam from the shower. We thought that we'd have to phone an electrician to get new alarms fitted but were surprised to find the exact same model on Safelinks. Fitting was as simple as disconnecting the wires, sliding the old ones off and sliding new ones on. The little tool supplied for releasing the catches worked well - though it's basically just a small screwdriver. Very pleased.

Reviewed by: SW

15th February 2015

Easy to fit.

Reviewed by: VM

17th January 2015

Excellent replacement and simple to install

Reviewed by: GM

4th January 2015

Quality product that you can rely on.

Reviewed by: AK

2nd January 2015

Easy to replace. Good stuff The alarm was really easy to replace and turned out much cheaper than getting the old one serviced.

Reviewed by: WR

8th December 2014

Simple to install replacement. Smashin

Reviewed by: CS

30th October 2014

product exactly as wanted with quick service

Reviewed by: WT

14th October 2014

relatively easy to fit in place of the old one

Reviewed by: RA

5th October 2014

A proper and correct replacement for a part which had discontinued production. A very helpful website.

Reviewed by: MT

23rd September 2014

Easy to fit, good quality, good instructions

Reviewed by: MW

1st September 2014

Very easy to install and set up. Excellent product.

Reviewed by: BD

15th August 2014

Does what it says it should Eaiy to replace old alarms without involving an electrician

Reviewed by: LD

7th August 2014

Excellent replacement for existing smoke alarm

Reviewed by: BB

4th August 2014

Fantastic item replaced the old one with easy and no work

Reviewed by: RC

23rd July 2014

Easy to install, including the mounting plateI had it working again in minutes.

Reviewed by: RD

21st July 2014

Easy fitting and good value replacement. Glad I found it.

Reviewed by: RS

12th July 2014

The Easichange replacement allowed very easy replacement of existing unit which exceeded the 10 year lifespan by 4 years

Reviewed by: JW

23rd June 2014

excellent service, excellent quality, excellent product. Thanks!

Reviewed by: PP

28th March 2014

Perfect replacement fit Highly recommend this product. I avoided the costly electrician fees by simply swapping out the old unit with a new, replacement one from Safelincs. Shipping was very quick. Thanks!

Reviewed by: DB

8th March 2014

Very easy to replace

Reviewed by: PB

20th January 2014

First class unit,clear instructions,easy replacement. First class web site enabled me to identify my old unit & it's current replacement. Delivery service spot on. Unit installation instructions in clear no nonsense english. Installation straight forward. Unit first class. Many thanks will be using your products on another job soon.

Reviewed by: MC

3rd January 2014

Excellent and easy to install.

Reviewed by: PB

22nd December 2013

As expected, straightforward exchange / upgrade of existing time expired devices. As per single sentence review except the addition of information relating to the disposal or recycling of existing devices would be useful.

Reviewed by: RK

15th November 2013

ordered late a.m. one day, arrived !st post next day and was as decribed.

Reviewed by: HG

9th November 2013

Exactly what I needed and excellent customer service

Reviewed by: MC

9th November 2013

Excellent quick service and product is pot on

Reviewed by: PD

19th October 2013

Helpful instructions, well designed product

Reviewed by: EH

18th October 2013

Good rapid service as well as good product

Reviewed by: BH

29th September 2013

Both arrived quickly and were quite simple to insall.

Reviewed by: JB

26th September 2013

5 star excellent service, excellent quality, excellent performance

Reviewed by: KS

9th September 2013

Great smoke alarm, easy to install Was really pleased to be able to buy a replacement unit for this alarm. The replacement was very easy to fit and the instructions clear. Would recommend.

Reviewed by: WK

22nd August 2013

first class service no fuss no problems just good service

Reviewed by: EF

11th August 2013

Great product and service

Reviewed by: DB

24th July 2013

Easy to fit and keeps the safety function up to date

Reviewed by: HD

22nd July 2013

Easy to replace and install. I needed a replacement for my old smoke alarm and found the information on the website really easy to understand. As my old alarm was over 10 years old I was pleased that there was still the option of a replacement product rather than having to install a new one.

Reviewed by: HW

21st July 2013

very easy to replace. hope it never has to work for real

Reviewed by: LD

14th July 2013

product as described and easy to install I would recommend this product. It was exactly the same as the smoke alarms already installed which were more than 10 years old andthey were easy to install. Really glad i found the safelincs website as it saved me getting an electrician in.

Reviewed by: CN

12th July 2013

Neat system Had some difficulty understanding the instructions to detach old smoke alarm. one of three alarms continued to ring every 10 minutes and had to contact you to find out what to do (faulty replacement) But pleased with rapid replacement.

Reviewed by: LR

25th June 2013

Simple to install instructions easy to understand

Reviewed by: SM

21st June 2013

Fast delivery, great item

Reviewed by: KS

17th June 2013

Graet service, help and advice was spot on have recommend Safelincs to others Already said above, the only comment I would make is recommendation for disposal of old units. Thanks Ken

Reviewed by: FM

15th June 2013

amazed at the prompt ordering and delivery, delighted with result. Thank you

Reviewed by: SJ

9th June 2013

Clear instructions - easy to install

Reviewed by: SW

4th June 2013

Great products, great service, great website, why go anywhere else? As somebody who has a technical brain (I am a chartered engineer) but no knowledge of this product except that it is a necessary safety accessory for any home. I was presented with two alarms in our home that displayed warnings that the batteries were at the end of their useful life. The units in our home were 10 years old (we purchased the house 7 years ago), so imagine my surprise when a Google search found your site and sitting there were replacement units waiting to be purchased. Question %u2013 Would these replacements fit 10-year old housings and save me a new installation? The site content was brilliant I didn%u2019t need to speak to anybody, the descriptive text was crystal clear, I placed the order, they arrived exactly as forecast and they took just minutes to fit. Great products, great service and because of that I also purchased your CO2 alarm and that again took just minutes to fit

Reviewed by: SJ

28th May 2013

Replaced 2 x Ei151 in 15 minutes.

Reviewed by: DM

26th May 2013

easy replacement for the 10 year old original.

Reviewed by: AF

22nd May 2013

Quick delivery, fitted in minutes

Reviewed by: MM

5th May 2013

Very easy to replace time expired unit.

Reviewed by: JW

26th April 2013

Easy like for like replacement

Reviewed by: RK

8th February 2013

Reviewed by: RL

28th January 2013

Not Rated
The safety catch is not as easy to release as it sounds! The connector plug is easy to remove but difficult to push in. In both cases it probably would be easy if one had the base and the alarm on a bench, but it is a different matter up on the ceiling. However the replacement was achieved successfully and the idea of being able to do this is brilliant.

Reviewed by: BH

27th January 2013

Not Rated
A very easy replacement fire alarm, the instructions were clear.

Reviewed by: PW

20th January 2013

Not Rated
Good and easy to fit. Came as exptexted and very happy, thanks.

Reviewed by: IB

20th December 2012

Not Rated
Satisfactory service

Reviewed by: IW

13th December 2012

Reviewed by: KK

12th December 2012

Reviewed by: MM

26th November 2012

Very easy to fit, with clear instructions.

Reviewed by: MM

22nd November 2012

Reviewed by: -

14th November 2012

Reviewed by: -

11th November 2012

Reviewed by: -

7th November 2012

Not Rated
Easy to follow instructions and fit replacement cartridge without damaging any decoration or being a major job

Reviewed by: -

2nd November 2012

Not Rated
We firstly made a call to make sure that our old ei150 could be replaced with a newer Easichange Replacement Smoke Alarm for Ei151, Ei151TL, Ei151TLH, which it could. We then placed the order online. The 2 alarms we bought we packaged well and arrived in a reasonable amount of time. To install them was a breeze, took about 30 seconds for each one, clip in the electrical connector and slide into our existing ei150 holders. Very happy indeed, thanks.

Reviewed by: -

26th October 2012

Not Rated
Excellent service! Person I spoke to (Zak) was very helpful and knowledgeable without being patronising to one who doesn't know the first thing about smoke alarms. A lot of other companies could learn from the efficient way you obviously run your own. What a change to say "well done". I'm sure the smoke alarm will give many years of useful (and necessary) service.

Reviewed by: -

23rd October 2012

Reviewed by: -

22nd October 2012

Reviewed by: -

19th October 2012

Reviewed by: -

17th October 2012

Had been searching shops for this product but could not find anywhere that sold just an easy replacement kit that I could fit at home onto the base that is secured to the ceiling. So easy to fit.

Reviewed by: -

22nd September 2012

Not Rated
Very easy to fit.

Reviewed by: -

3rd September 2012

Not Rated
The Easichange Replacement Smoke Alarm really was easy to replace. Literally took a couple of minutes and negated the need and expense of calling in an electrician.

Reviewed by: -

30th August 2012

Very easy to install

Reviewed by: -

26th August 2012

Not Rated
My alarms malfunctioned in the middle of the night. I used the manufactures website to tell me how to disconnect and then used your site to buy the replacements. The replacements arrived the following working day and were installed my me that morning. The installation was really easy. They are called "easichange replacements" because that's exactly what they are. Very satisfactory. Thanks.

Reviewed by: -

6th August 2012

Reviewed by: -

26th July 2012

Reviewed by: -

18th July 2012

Reviewed by: -

17th July 2012

Received quickly and very easy to fit... Extremely fast and easy way to have smoke detector fully repaired and reasurrance again

Reviewed by: -

14th May 2012

Reviewed by: -

23rd April 2012

Not Rated
Really happy to be able to buy a replacement that I can install myself. Much better - and cheaper - than buying a whole new unit and paying an electrician to fit it. Thank you!

Reviewed by: -

20th April 2012

5 star product.

Reviewed by: -

17th April 2012

Reviewed by: -

7th April 2012

Quality product which was very easy to install.

Reviewed by: -

17th March 2012

Easy to fit.

Reviewed by: -

9th March 2012

Reviewed by: -

27th February 2012

Reviewed by: -

19th February 2012

Not Rated
Really easy to fit

Reviewed by: -

12th February 2012

Not Rated
Very Easy to install. Remember to read the instructions regards the battery charging beeps.

Reviewed by: -

6th February 2012

Installation could not have been easier

Reviewed by: -

21st January 2012

Website information was to the point and as as accurate as it was intended to be. Items are extremely easy to change and they come with the relevant tool (which doubles as a pen I might add). Delivery was as fast as it should have been and I am more than happy with the purchased items. Tahnk you.

Reviewed by: -

12th January 2012

Reviewed by: -

11th January 2012

Reviewed by: -

13th December 2011

easy instructions,just removed the old one,plug in the new one and click into position,took less than five minutes.

Reviewed by: -

13th November 2011

Reviewed by: -

11th October 2011

Reviewed by: -

16th September 2011

Not Rated
thank you for a good servise

Reviewed by: -

15th September 2011

Reviewed by: -

12th September 2011


Reviewed by: -

5th September 2011

Reviewed by: -

26th August 2011

Reviewed by: -

15th August 2011

Reviewed by: -

12th August 2011

Not Rated

Reviewed by: -

10th August 2011

Not Rated
Easy peasy to fit too

Reviewed by: -

27th July 2011

Perfect replacement for the original broken unit. Ordering easy and delivery prompt.

Reviewed by: -

11th July 2011

Great product. So easy to replace.

Reviewed by: -

5th July 2011

Reviewed by: -

6th June 2011

Not Rated
simple straightforward replacement ..makes it easy to keep smoke alarm in working order

Reviewed by: -

3rd June 2011

Just what I ordered and very easy to fit. Completely satisfied

Reviewed by: -

17th May 2011

Reviewed by: -

6th April 2011

Not Rated
Following a power cut soon after having moved into our new home, I soon realised that the rechargeable batteries in our mains powered smoke dectectors were inoperative. I found these exact replacements at Safelincs very easily and 2 days after placing the order they had arrived and were installed - perfect.

Reviewed by: -

5th March 2011

I bought the 'Easichange' replacement kits to replace my end of life EI151 and EI156 smoke alarms. Your web site promised they would be easy to fit...and that has turned out to be the case. I had no problem changing them (other than tamper catch a bit fiddly). Very satisfied.

Reviewed by: -

9th February 2011

Not Rated
Excellent, easy to change.

Reviewed by: -

14th December 2010

Not Rated

Reviewed by: -

13th December 2010

Not Rated
The unit was very easy to fit.
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