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Wireless Control Panels

Wireless Control Panels form the core of a Wireless Fire Alarm System, regulating communication between devices and providing status information and configuration options to engineers and users. Similar to Addressable Systems, each device has an address and can be assigned to up to 100 virtual zones which will be displayed on the control panel if there are faults or fire events. Wireless Control Panels are also used to test the entire system, configure auxiliary systems such as monitored inputs, and store event logs which can be downloaded to a computer for analysis.

Zerio Plus 8-Zone Wireless Control Panel

  • Configure up to 8 Virtual Zones
  • Fully addressable for up to 240 devices
  • Compatible with USB keyboards for easy programming
  • Certified to EN 54 Parts 2, 4, & 25 and BS 5839 Part 1
  • 255 Event Log memory
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