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Strike FX Automatic FM200 Fire Extinguisher System

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

Strike FX FM200 fire extinguishers provide automatic 24/7 protection for a range of enclosed industrial and vehicle environments. The 4m pressurised polymer tube softens and bursts when in contact with fire or when exposed to temperatures exceeding 165°C. FM200 is a liquefied gaseous extinguishant that discharges directly on to the source of the fire.

  • Space volume suitable for:
    • 1kg - 1.0 cubic metres
    • 2kg - 2.0 cubic metres
  • Automatic fire suppression system
  • CE marked
  • Supplied with a 4m pressurised polymer detection tube
  • Tube bursts when in contact with fire or when the temperature reaches 165°C
  • Vertical (upright) or horizontal mounting options
  • Inexpensive and simple installation
  • Requires no electrical parts to operate
  • Tube is positioned through the area that needs protecting
  • Cable ties or fixing pads can hold the tube in place (not included)
  • Extinguishes at the source of the fire
  • Clean gas extinguishant
  • Suitable for engine compartments of boats and cars and for farming machinery
  • Mounting bracket supplied as standard
Technical Data
Product Code

1kg Auto FM200 Extinguisher:  HSSFXFM1

2kg Auto FM200 Extinguisher:  HSSFXFM2

Brand Homesaver
Minimum Space Requirements (HxWxD)

1kg extinguisher: 380x90x110mm

2kg extinguisher: 410x110x110mm

Space volume suitable for

1kg: 1.0m3

2kg: 2.0m3

Tube Erupts at


Working Pressure

13 BAR


HSSFXFM1: 2.2kg

HSSFXFM2: 3.5kg

Product Datasheets

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