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Home Working Fire Safety Kit - Safelincs

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A selection of fire extinguisher kits for the home, caravans and vehicles including dry powder, foam and water with additive extinguishers
Product Overview

The home working fire safety kit contains a dry powder fire extinguisher that can be used on almost any fire (including electrical), a fully stocked home first aid kit (made by specialists St John Ambulance), an optical smoke alarm and CO alarm (from market leaders Kidde), a portable LED emergency light in case of power loss, and a large fire blanket.

Home Working Fire Safety Kit Contents

1kg ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

  • Safe to use on class A, B, C and electrical fires, removing the need to make difficult life-saving choices
  • Compact yet powerful firefighting in an easy to handle appliance
  • Supplied with wall mounting bracket and 5 year warranty

Home First Aid Kit – St John Ambulance

  • Includes "First Aid in an Emergency" booklet with step by step guidance on treating minor injuries
  • Contains powder-free nitrile gloves for sterile treatment of injuries
  • Compact, soft shell Zenith container pouch to store the kit contents

Optical Smoke Alarm – Kidde 29HD

  • Compact design – only 10cm diameter
  • Dedicated Test and Hush buttons
  • Supplied with 9V battery and 5 year warranty as standard

3-in-1 LED Power Failure Emergency Torch & Night Light

  • A low level night light, bright emergency light and re-chargeable torch in one unit
  • 4 hour battery life – plenty of time to escape a fire emergency
  • Two operation modes, ensures that the light is ready for use

1.2x1.2m Fire Blanket – UltraFire

  • Suitable for oil and fat fires, plus clothing and waste bin fires
  • Made in the UK and supplied with 5 year cloth warranty
  • Can be wall mounted for quick access

Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Kidde K7CO

  • Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries (included)
  • Suitable for wall mounting and free-standing installations
  • Easy to read LED's to indicate status (Green, Amber and Red)

Many home offices are set up in spare rooms on the first floor of the home from where there is only one escape route. For the ultimate peace of mind, view our range fire escape ladders or call us on 0800 612 6537 for more advice.

Please note: The use of powder fire extinguishers indoors is not recommended by BS 5306-8:2012 due to the mess powder creates and the potential impairment of vision and respiration it can cause.

First Aid Kit Contents



Home First Aid Kit

"First Aid in an Emergency" booklet
Cleansing Wipes
Waterproof Low Allergy Plasters - Pk 10
Disposable Non-Sterile Triangular Bandage 90 x 90 x130cm
HSE Medium Dressing - 12 x 12cm
HSE Large Dressing - 18 x 18cm
SJS Nitrile Powder Free Gloves (pair) - Medium
St. John Ambulance Finger Dressing
Emergency Torch Operation

The information below shows how the 3-in-1 LED Power Failure Emergency Torch & Night Light operates during daylight and night time:

With switch in the 'ON' position

  • The torch will continue to charge and be ready to use
  • The night light will automatically turn on at dusk
  • The night light will automatically turn off at dawn
  • In the event of a mains power outage, the torch will light at full brightness for approximately 4 hours

With switch in the 'OFF' position

  • The torch will continue to charge and be ready to use
  • The night light will NOT turn on automatically
  • In the event of a mains power outage, the torch will NOT light automatically
  • To use the torch in the event of a mains power outage, ensure the switch is set to the 'ON' position

In many indoor environments, water mist fire extinguishers are a suitable alternative and are ideal for tackling most common types of fire.

Technical Data
Product Code SLHWOFSK
Alternative Product Codes UFSP1, TGPX1P, STJHOMFAK, HSFB1212, SFTLIGHT, KE29HD, F30053, 29HDBB, STL301, HSR2/K30, KEK7CO, K7CO, 7CO, SBSAFETORCH
Brand Safelincs

Fire Extinguisher: (HxWxDia) 330 x 125 x 85mm

First Aid Kit: (HxWxD) 200 x 130 x 60mm

Smoke Alarm: (HxDia) 33 x 100mm

Portable Emergency Light: (HxWxD) 110 x 50 x 70mm

Fire Blanket (case): (HxWxD) 245 x 175 x 45mm

CO Alarm: (HxWxD) 72 x 119 x 39mm

Kit Contents

1 x 1kg ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

1 x St John Ambulance Home First Aid Kit

1 x Portable Emergency Light

1 x Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.2m

1 x Kidde 29HD Optical Smoke Alarm

1 x Kidde K7CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Weight 3.75kg

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