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Redetec FM200 Rack Mounted Automatic Fire Suppression Unit

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

Product Overview

The rack mounted automatic fire suppression unit from Redetec provides protection for electronic equipment stored in rack enclosures and cabinets. Designed for 19" racking systems, the suppression unit is self-contained and has built-in fire detection sensors. In the event of a fire, the detectors are activated and the suppression unit is automatically triggered to release the extinguishing gas. Redetec responds to a detected fire condition within 10 seconds of activation. The FM200 extinguishing gas is non-ozone depleting and has proven to be safe and reliable without causing damage to electronic equipment.

  • Designed around EN 54-2 C&IE standards
  • CE marked and EMC tested
  • Self contained fire detection and suppression system
  • Features 2 built-in LPCB approved conventional optical smoke detectors
  • Suitable for use in cabinets with integrated air-conditioning units
  • Fire extinguishant automatically releases within 10 seconds of fire detection - operates 24/7
  • FM200 extinguishing gas is safe for use on sensitive electronic equipment
  • Two versions available:
    • 1.5m3 rack enclosure protection
    • 3.0m3 rack enclosure protection
  • Designed to be sited at the top of 19" racking systems
  • Unique mounting tray layout to suit non-19" applications
  • Volt free contacts allow connection to building management and security systems
  • 11 built-in electronic fault monitoring circuits - triggered automatically in the event of a fault
  • Includes 2 x 1.2Ah SLA batteries for 24 hour battery back-up
  • Suitable for telecommunications cabinets, computer rooms, CCTV equipment racks, IT networks, website servers etc.
Technical Data
Product Code

FM200 suppression for 1.5m3 coverage:  RDTPFRED1.5

FM200 suppression for 3.0m3 coverage:  RDTPFRED3.0

Brand Radal Technology
Back-Up Battery

2 x 1.2Ah SLA batteries



Extinguisher Agent


Input Voltage

110/230V AC 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature

0 to +50 °C

Relative Humidity

0 to 95% non-condensing


RDTPFRED1.5: 14kg

RDTPFRED3.0: 16kg

Product Datasheets

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