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ParAid Vacuum Mattress

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Evacuation Sheets, Sledges and Training

Evacuation sheets, sledges and mattresses can be used to transfer patients out of buildings in an emergency.
Product Overview

The vacuum mattress from ParAid is an innovative solution to keeping a patient immobile during transportation. The lightweight polymer bag is filled with tiny polystyrene balls, similar to those found in a bean bag. When the patient is placed on the mattress and air is pumped through the valve, the atmospheric pressure causes the polystyrene balls to mould themselves around the patient as the mattress becomes rigid. Once the patient straps are fastened the patient becomes completely immobile, allowing them to be moved safely without fear of further injury. Vacuum mattresses are ideal for situations where the patient is in a remote location and responders must travel by foot to the scene.

  • Designed to immobilise patients for transportation
  • Constructed from lightweight polymer
  • Fitted with carry handles and patient straps
  • X-ray translucent - patients can be x-rayed while immobilised
  • Maximum capacity: 150kg
  • Supplied complete with pump
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 70 x 900 x 2200mm
  • Completely washable

Please note: Due to the lifesaving nature of these devices, it is recommended that a separate evacuation mattress is used for drills and training purposes. This will ensure that the mattress used in an emergency has been exposed to minimal wear and tear.

Technical Data
Product Code ECVACMAT
Brand Evac+Chair
Dimensions (HxWxL)

70 x 900 x 2200mm

Weight 8.00kg
Product Datasheets

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