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Did you know that we sponsor Mercy Ships?

About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships is a global charity, which has operated a fleet of hospital ships and land-based programmes in developing nations since 1978 hoping to bring world-class medical assistance and long-term sustainable development to some of the world's poorest regions.

Our Donation

We recently supplied Mercy Ships with a number of vehicle fire extinguishers and telescopic ladders. Their transport manager in Liberia requested that fire extinguishers and ladders be fitted to their fleet of Landrovers. These are used to collect and deliver patients to the hospital ships, as well as for transporting general supplies and personnel. The Telescopic Ladders are used to gain access to the spare wheels of the Landrovers and also in the construction of wells and clinics. The transport manager sent over these comments:

From: Mercy Ships

Sent: 10 March 2008 08:58

Subject: Fire extinguishers

....The container was opened yesterday, and I confirm receipt of the fire extinguishers (simply excellent!) . In fact I'd say they are the best we've had since I started in the job in 2004. Every vehicle fire extinguisher is only as good as the way its held to the vehicle, and these ones have the best holders I've yet seen, plus a dial indicating the pressure which is essential for telling if its pressurised or not. The extinguishers are solid and don't have bits that can fall off if they get kicked or banged by mistake.

Tthe telescopic ladders are also excellent, with the exception of the ladder on loan to the police, all the ladders have been placed on Land Rover roofracks, as follows:

  • 1 ladder to the CDS Water & Sanitation team, to not only gain access to their spare tyre on their Land Rover roof, but to use in the construction of wells and latrines.
  • 2 ladders to the Engineering department, for Land Rover roof and also to use in Monrovia Water Plant, which our engineers have been trying to get going again.
  • 4 ladders to CDS Construction, for Land Rover roof & also to help in construction of Tenegar Clinic. The remaining ladders have been allocated to random Land Rovers.

Please feel free to pass on these comments to the donor....

One of the extinguishers in place One of the extinguishers in place One of the telescopic ladders in use The telescopic ladders on top of the Land rovers One of the telescopic ladders in use The telescopic ladders on top of the Land rovers



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