LED Emergency Lighting Bulkhead - Kehled
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LED Emergency Lighting Bulkhead - Kehled

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available to buy.

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Product Overview

The Kehled is a high output, rectangular emergency bulkhead light, ideal for indoor installations. Featuring a minimalistic steel body design and two sizes with varying light outputs, the Kehled can easily blend in with existing decor as a stylish lighting fixture. As it uses the latest in LED technology the Kehled can provide an impressive 3360 lumens (in maintained operation) while consuming less power than an equivalent fluorescent light. It will also provide a minimum of 3 hours of emergency illumination at 490 lumens, considerably higher than the often sub-200 lumens provided by other LED emergency lights.

Technical Data

Technical Data

This is the technical data for the LED Emergency Lighting Bulkhead - Kehled.

Product Code
1100mm OBKEHBM
600mm 5.2kg
1100mm 9.5kg
Lamp Type LED
Power Consumption 600mm: ~14W
1100mm: ~28W
Backup Duration 3 hours
Light Output 600mm Maintained Operation: 1680 lumens
1100mm Maintained Operation: 3360 lumens
Emergency Operation (both sizes): 490 lumens
Dimensions (HxWxL) 600mm: 60 x 235 x 600mm
1100mm: 60 x 235 x 1100mm

Product Datasheets

The following datasheets are available for this product.

Maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting

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