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Fireproof Data Safes

Fireproof data safes keep the temperature inside the safe low enough to protect even temperature-sensitive media such as backup tapes, or film.

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Phoenix Millennium Duplex DS4653 - Fire Data Safe for Magnetic and Digital Data

  • 120 minutes fire protection for paper, magnetic media, CDs, DVDs, USB drives and sticks
  • Insurance rating: £10,000 cash, £100,000 valuables
  • Available with key lock or electronic lock
  • Capacity: 418 litres
  • Internal dimensions (HxWxD): 1200 x 665 x 524mm
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 1456 x 886 x 798mm
  • Free delivery to your door
  • Safelincs Exclusive 5 Year Warranty
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Data Protection

Data Protection

We have put together a range of safes that are not only capable of protecting your paper documents, cash, valuables and cds and dvds, but also your data. These safes can protect floppy disks, DAT tapes, DLT cartridges, photograph negatives, VHS video tapes and much more. All of the safes in this section maintain an internal temperature below 52°C and a humidity below 85% which ensures that sensitive content of the safe is not jeopardised. This range of safes offer a variety of sizes and features, with up to120 minutes fire resistance.