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All Fireproof Safes

Fire proof safes for the protection of documents, valuable items, cash, photos, memory sticks, hard drives, back-up tapes and much much more

Protect essential documents, valuables, cash and data against fire with our range of fireproof safes.

From £202.80 inc VAT

Fire and Waterproof Safes

More info about Fire and Waterproof Safes

Our fire and waterproof safes are tested and certified to ensure the safety of your valuables.

From £248.39 inc VAT

Fireproof Data Safes

More info about Fireproof Data Safes

Safes to help you protect your important data such as floppy disks, DAT tapes, videos, negatives etc.

From £381.60 inc VAT

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Protect your paper documents for up to 120 minutes from fire damage

Fireproof filing cabinets protect important paper documents and files. Data protection inserts are available.

From £695.99 inc VAT

Fireproof Cupboards

Fireproof cupboards for storing large volumes of valuables, documents, cash or digital or magnetic data devices

Protect valuable documents, cash, jewellery, tapes, CDs, photos & videos against fire & water.

From £624.00 inc VAT