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Fire Extinguishers for Kitchens

Kitchens, by their very nature, present multiple fire hazards. With highly flammable substances and usually limited space, the potential fire risks are heightened due to the presence of multiple ignition sources e.g. hobs, ovens, microwaves, toasters, etc.

Fire extinguishers suitable for kitchens


Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher - For use on Cooking Media

Although these units can be used on solid combustible materials and burning solutions such as paint thinners, petrol, etc., the wet chemical fire extinguisher is most commonly found in kitchens and catering environments.

With an F rating, the wet chemical fire extinguisher is extremely effective at tackling large chip pan fires and ideal for industrial cooking environments. The wet chemical media forms a layer on the burning fuel and not only smothers it, depriving it of oxygen, but also cools the fuel which helps to prevent re-ignition.

Fire Classification

Wet chemical fire extinguishers are suitable for use on the following types of fire:


Water Mist Fire Extinguishers - For use on General Risks including Electrical Equipment

Water Mist Fire Extinguishers are certified for class A, B, C, F* fires and fires involving live electrical equipment, making them very versatile for tackling most common fire risks. The way in which the water mist is released ensures that fire is effectively tackled and the burning material is cooled, preventing re-ignition. 

Dry water mist has been extensively tested and is certified by the LPCB (Loss Preventions Council Board). Leaving minimal residue, that is 100% non-harmful, water mist is ideal for areas where food is being prepared and there may be small children. Clean-up of the extinguisher entails simply wiping away any water droplets.

*Following our own independent research we do not recommend using water mist on anything above a 5F rated fire (this is equivalent to an average domestic deep fat fryer). For fires above a 5F rating we recommend a wet chemical extinguisher.

Fire Classification

Water mist fire extinguishers are suitable for use on the following types of fire:


Fire Blankets - For use on Small Scale Cooking Media

Some of the most common causes of fire in kitchen areas are chip pans, deep fat fryers and burning oil. The best way to contain and extinguish a chip pan fire is to smother the flames and cut off the supply of oxygen. Fire blankets are impregnated with flame retardant chemicals and are suitable for quick application on small fires.

Fire blankets are ideal for installation in domestic and small catering environments but do not generally provide enough coverage for larger scale fire risks such as commercial kitchens with large deep fat fryers.

Fire blankets can also be used to put out clothing fires by wrapping them around the person who is on fire and smothering the flames.


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