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What is the EN Power Size of a fire door closer?

Small and light fire doors require less strength from a fire door closer to shut properly in comparison to large and heavy fire doors. When selecting a fire door closer for your fire door you need to find out which door closer has enough closing strength/closing force for your specific door. To make this process easier, door closers have been grouped into different strength categories, called "EN power sizes". Below is the table that shows for each power size how heavy or wide the fire door can be to be safely shut.

If width and weight do not call for the same power size, select the higher power size as the specification needed for your door closer.

EN Closing Force Category Maximum Door Width Maximum Door Weight
EN 1 750mm 20kg
EN 2 850mm 40kg
EN 3 950mm 60kg
EN 4 1100mm 80kg
EN 5 1250mm 100kg
EN 6 1400mm 120kg
EN 7 1600mm 160kg


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