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P50 Service-Free 9ltr Foam Fire Extinguisher

Discontinued Product

This product has been discontinued.

alternative product

6ltr Fluorine-Free B-Foam Fire Extinguisher

Lacking the harmful PFAS chemicals found in traditional AFFF foam, this is a more environmental choice that maintains Class A, Class B, and electrical coverage, while adding Class F capability.

  • Ideal for garages, farms, chemical storage, and event venues
  • Extinguisher Rating: 27A, 144B, 25F, and Electrical
  • Safe for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000V
  • Kitemarked by BSI to BS EN3
  • Manufactured in the UK

£220.79 inc VAT

£183.99 ex VAT

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The Britannia 9ltr foam fire extinguisher is a service-free unit, not requiring an engineer call-out during its lifespan, only requiring a simple, yearly visual inspection of the extinguisher.

P50 extinguishers are manufactured in the UK and kitemarked by BSI to the latest BS EN3 standard.

  • BSI kitemarked to BS EN3
  • UV protected and corrosion proof design
  • Super strength composite construction, manufactured in the UK
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable extinguisher
  • Supplied with a wall bracket as standard
  • Free 'after fire replacement'
  • Please Note: AFFF foam fire extinguishers contain substances that are a risk to the environment and to human health. The use of all AFFF foam extinguishers will soon be subject to regulations and all AFFF foam extinguishers will be prohibited by law in the next few years. Purchasing a P50 Service-Free Foam Extinguisher now means it will need to be replaced before the end of its lifespan. Whilst Safelincs are still offering the P50 Foam Extinguishers for sale, we strongly advise customers to consider the P50 Service-Free Water Mist Extinguisher as a suitable alternative.

Key Product Features

Super strength composite construction provides durability and corrosion resistance

Nickel-plated brass head assembly with double pressure gauge system built-in

Extinguisher Rating 43A, 233B - far surpasses standard 6ltr foams

Annual self-inspection table printed on the back of the unit to help ensure compliance

Technical Data
Product Code BEFW9FAS
Brand Britannia Fire

9 litre

Dimensions (HxDia)

640 x 210mm

Discharge Range (min)

7 metres

Discharge Time

49 sec

Extinguisher Agent


Extinguisher ID Sign


Operating Temperature

+5 to +60°C

Working Pressure

12 bar at 20°C

Weight 11.70kg
Product Datasheets
FAQs (9)
Q. Is a magnet provided with the extinguisher?

Yes, when the engineer installs the extinguisher and gives the training on the yearly service he will leave a magnet with each customer.

Q. What happens after I place the order?

We will confirm a date with you for the visit by our certified engineer. The cost for this visit and all the work the engineer does is included in the price you paid for the extinguishers. The engineer will usually bring the extinguishers with him (if not we will send the extinguishers up front). First of all the engineer will check that the extinguisher is adequate for the building and the use. He/she will then install the extinguisher and train you in the simple yearly visual inspection of the extinguisher. You will then receive a certificate to confirm the training and the suitability of the extinguishers installed. You also receive a form to be filled in by you that needs to be sent to your insurance company to inform them about the new maintenance regime. After that all you have to do is carry on with your normal visual inspection required for any extinguishers and the yearly 3 step visual inspection which needs to be recorded in your fire safety log book. No other activity is required for the next ten years.

Q. Will the P50 extinguishers be suitable in offices with electrical equipment? Or do I still need traditional CO2 extinguishers?

The foam P50 extinguishers are perfect for office environments and are well suited for fighting electrical fires (upto the normal voltage in offices which is 240V). They have been tested with 35000V and declared safe by the BSI for use with up to 1000V! Usually, one P50 foam extinguisher will replace one existing water/foam units plus one CO2 unit, as they are commonly found in offices. One of the reasons why foam extinguishers are good on electrical fires is that electrical fires often involve liquefying plastics and other plastics/rubbers for which foams are perfect. The only exception are large server cabinets and computer centres which require specialist fire fighting equipment.

Q. Why do P50 fire extinguishers not need to be serviced by a 3rd party extinguisher technician?

P50 service-free fire extinguishers are constructed from components that will not corrode. So, unlike traditional stainless-steel extinguishers there is no need to replace parts that may have corroded over the 10-year period.

Q. Who can carry out the annual visual inspection for P50 fire extinguishers?

Anyone in your organisation can complete the annual visual inspection for P50 service-free extinguishers. To ensure that they are competent in this simple process we train your staff as part of our installation package at no extra cost to you. We will issue staff with training certificates.

Want to see what the annual visual inspections entails? Here is a clear video guide that will show you just how easy it is to maintain your P50 extinguishers.

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Excellent Warranty

This product is supplied with a 10 year manufacturers warranty as standard

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