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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights such as standard bulkhead luminaires

Emergency lights, including bulkheads, recessed lighting and decorative emergency luminaires for indoors and outdoors use.

From: £11.40 ex VAT From: £11.40 ex VAT

Fire Exit Signs & Marking

Exit Signs and Escape Route Marking

Fire exit route guidance including illuminated & glow-in-the-dark directional signs, photoluminescent paints & stair-nosings.

From: £1.39 ex VAT From: £1.39 ex VAT

LED Emergency Lights

LED Emergency Lighting

Longlife LED emergency lighting and LED exit signs save maintenance costs and electricity. Excellent light output.

From: £12.00 ex VAT From: £12.00 ex VAT

Safety Equipment Signs

Photoluminescent Fire Safety Equipment Signs

Photoluminescent signs help to identify fire safety equipment in the event of emergency and offer guidance.

From: £0.83 ex VAT From: £0.83 ex VAT

Spares and Accessories

Emergency Lighting Spares Parts And Accessories

A range of emergency lighting spare parts and accessories suitable for our extensive range of emergency lighting and escape route signs.

From: £1.59 ex VAT From: £1.59 ex VAT

Self-Test Lighting & Signs

A full range of self-test emergency lighting bulkheads, emergency fire escape route sign boxes and emergency fire escape route sign blades

Self-test emergency lighting and signs negates the need for contracting lighting engineers to test your emergency lighting.

From: £75.59 ex VAT From: £75.59 ex VAT

Emergency Spotlights

Emergency Spotlights

Spotlight emergency lighting is used in high areas or large areas such as warehouses, stadiums, train stations and high racked areas etc.

From: £44.99 ex VAT From: £44.99 ex VAT

Health & Safety Posters

Health and Safety Posters

Informative health & safety posters designed for both work & public places including the latest HSE approved Health & Safety Poster.

From: £11.39 ex VAT From: £11.39 ex VAT

No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Signs

While not part of traditional escape route planning, identifying smoking/non-smoking areas forms part of overall fire safety planning.

From: £0.83 ex VAT From: £0.83 ex VAT

Help & Advice

More info about Help & Advice

Help and advice guides and info pages for emergency light fittings and signage, including overviews of product features and specs.

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Special Offers

Emergency Lighting & Signs Special Offers

A selection of handpicked special offers, offering you great quality products at great prices (for limited periods only).

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Product Videos

Emergency Lighting & Signs Product Videos

View our Emergency Lighting & Signs related product videos, designed to provide you with interactive solutions and overviews.

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MPS3L-W - Slimline LED Fire Exit Sign

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