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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lights such as Bulkheads

Emergency lights, including bulkheads, recessed lighting and decorative emergency luminaires for indoors and outdoors use.

From: £13.39 ex VAT

Fire Exit Signs

A full range of emergency fire escape route sign boxes and emergency fire escape route sign blades

Illuminated fire exit sign blades and fire exit sign boxes, including double-sided, wall mounted, hanging and recessed versions.

From: £6.79 ex VAT

Emergency Spotlights

Emergency Spotlights

Spotlight emergency lighting is used in high areas or large areas such as warehouses, stadiums, train stations and high racked areas etc.

From: £44.99 ex VAT

Self-Test Lighting & Signs

A full range of self-test emergency lighting bulkheads, emergency fire escape route sign boxes and emergency fire escape route sign blades

Self-test emergency lighting and signs negates the need for contracting lighting engineers to test your emergency lighting.

From: £62.79 ex VAT

LED Emergency Lights

LED Emergency Lighting

Longlife LED emergency lighting and LED exit signs save maintenance costs and electricity. Excellent light output.

From: £17.59 ex VAT

Slave Luminaires

Emergency Lighting Slave Luminaire Units For Central Battery Systems

Slave luminaires for central battery emergency lighting systems. Available in 24, 50 and 110 V AC/DC.

From: £30.59 ex VAT

Spares and Accessories

Emergency Lighting Spares Parts And Accessories

A range of emergency lighting spare parts and accessories suitable for our extensive range of emergency lighting and escape route signs.

From: £1.59 ex VAT

Help Guide

Providing you with guidance to install a well layed out emergency lighting system

Our guide provides a quick overview of our product range and highlights issues associated with planning emergency lighting systems.

More Information

Safelincs stocks over 3,500 fire safety products, including hundreds of different illuminated fire exit signs and emergency lights. Operating in the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, France, Germany and Austria we have an international reputation for providing high-quality emergency lighting and provide top of the range emergency lighting solutions. Our customers can send us their architectural drawings for our skilled staff to work out emergency lighting solutions. To save money for our customers we offer emergency lighting systems with reduced maintenance costs, such as self-testing emergency lights, LED exit signs and DALI addressable emergency lighting systems

Our focus on providing customer satisfaction, competitive prices and various nationwide fire safety services has made us the largest retailer of our kind in the UK.

Many open spaces such as warehouses, yards, shopping centres and public buildings require strong sources of emergency light in case of fire or a power failure, either to allow a large number of people to exit safely or to ensure that operations can be wound down safely if the power fails at any time of the day. Emergency spotlights are the answer to this requirement.

Our spotlights feature a five year extended warranty and some feature weather proofing. LED emergency spot lights are also available.

With our Best Price Guarantee and our free replacement product service (in case you experience a fire), you should make Safelincs your first port of call for fire safety equipment.

Maintained emergency lighting, with it being on all the time, not only exhausts traditional emergency lighting tubes but wastes electricity. We can offer a solution: Our LED emergency lighting consumes a fraction of the energy and the tubes last significantly longer than fluorescent tubes. We offer LED bulkheads, recessed lighting, and exit signs suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We can also provide LED emergency spotlights.

To even further reduce the maintenance costs you can install our LED emergency lights and exit signs with self-test. These units carry out the regular test of the lights without the need of a manual test of the backup battery. If the emergency light detects a fault it will then give a visual and audible warning.